Fortunate Rabbit Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Regional, East, China

It's well-known around the world that certain trinkets and tokens are inherently lucky by nature. You will pluck and hang onto a four-leaf clover if you find it, or pick up a lucky penny when you find it laying on the ground. Have you ever carried a rabbit's foot to keep yourself lucky? In Chinese culture, the rabbit is considered to be a very lucky animal. In Fortunate Rabbit Slots, it just might bring you a lot of luck of your own.

Into the East

Symbols and artwork associated with China are everywhere you look in this game. The background itself is a hazy atmosphere of clouds and floating paper lanterns. The little lights drift by on the screen, rising higher and higher. Hopefully, you will see your bank account rising higher and higher as you play this game! Just in the background, you can see a pagoda beautifully illuminated against the full moon.

Wait until you get a look at the reels themselves.

Playing Slots

This game has the look of a traditional slots game, with five different reels and three rows where the symbols appear. The symbols you'll see are all associated with Chinese culture and they all have the distinct look of the region. As the reels spin and spin and then land, you will see fortune cookies, swinging lanterns, beautiful Chinese buildings, ancient warriors ready to battle and of course, the lucky rabbit itself.

Playing to Win

The objective of the game is to line up matching symbols across the pay lines. There are 15 of them, which means there are 15 different ways to win every single time the reels spin. Meanwhile, everyone pops out on the screen in bright and gold hues of gold, orange, pink and red. It all blends together to create a beautiful look, but it's really the big payouts you're looking for of course.

Getting a Big Payout

Speaking of those big payouts you're looking for, there are various scatter symbols and wild symbols that can trigger chances to win free spins and bring you much bigger jackpots. Hit enough of these special symbols and your payout could be as big as 50,000 times your original bet. That really would be a fortunate win.

Playing Fortunare Rabbit Slots

Tap into ancient luck and enjoy a classic casino gaming experience with Fortunate Rabbit Slots. Huge payouts are possible and inf act, anything is possible when you're laying this game.