Giant Fortunes Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Fantasy, Fairy Tale

Some people might just decide to go on a ski vacation in the Alps, buy a Bentley because it looks nice, go on a wild shopping spree. Then, there's almost everybody else. Most people don't have a giant fortune to spend. But maybe you could win one with Giant Fortunes Slots.

Enchanted Land

If you like fantasy worlds and stories, you will love the look of this slots game. The backdrop is a charming little village in the middle of a green meadow. There are also mountains rising up in the background. That's just the beginning of the fantasy elements and the pretty look of the overall design.

Inside the Game

The five reels and three rows that make up this slots game are covered with various graphic images that evoke that enchanted fantasy feeling. All the letters and numbers on the reels are surrounded with scrolled embellishments in gleaming gold, a beautiful complement to the vivid jewel tones that fill the reels with shades of violet, jade green and royal blue.

The reels also contain bags of gems, piles of coins...and maybe a dangerous enemy or two. After all, what's a fantasy story without a scary troll or two?

Get a Giant Fortune

There are 25 pay lines on the game board, so you can find lots of ways to win as you play. You will also find numerous wild symbols that make it easier to win. And if you find the giant, perhaps you will defeat him and take his treasure. The bigger your bet, the bigger your win will be if you manage to line up matching symbols across one of the many pay lines.

Different Ways to Play

There are demo versions of this slots game, so you can play for practice and risk none of your own money. Turn the speed up or down to control the way the reels spin, and use the auto-spin feature so you and watch them spin around all on their own. No matter how you play the game, it's always fun, colorful and well, enchanting.

Step into the World of Giant Fortunes Slots

This fantasy world is full of villains but also treasure. There are gems and coins and prizes to be won, all of which will be added to your account. Cash out whenever you want or keep playing as much as you desire. Anything is possible in this beautiful world.