Fortunate Zeus Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology

In the ancient world, you would ask the gods for their favor to receive blessings like riches and treasure. You might give them an offering or go to the temple. With Fortunate Zeus Slots, the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus come to you. And they're bringing untold riches with them.

A Fortunate Game

This slots game is full of dazzling color shades that stand out against the background of a lovely sky with clouds of different hues. You are truly in the realm of the gods now. Bright golden colors, beautiful reds, sparkling oranges and sizzling purple and blue fairly leap off the screen as you study this game.

Test Your Fate

Test your fate with the gods by spinning the reels. As the reels go around on the game board, you will see many symbols and images, including some of the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, may make an appearance. Maybe you will see the demoness Medusa and her head full of snakes, or perhaps even Zeus himself, who rules all of Mount Olympus.

Finding Bigger Win

This is not all you will see when you play Fortunate Zeus Slots, however. This game has 50 pay lines where you can match up symbols to get a win, so you have many chances to win with each spin. But this game also has several different jackpots that you might win at any moment.

That's right, at any moment. There are five jackpots in all ranging from the mini jackpot to the super grand jackpot. Hitting any of these jackpots would be outstanding, of course, but that super grand jackpot gets really, really huge. The super grand jackpot is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Gaming Strategy

There are different ways you can use your own strategy while you play this slots game. You can bet anywhere from $0.50 to $50. The more you bet, the bigger the win will be if you win. And if you get six lightning orbs or more, you will trigger a fun mini-game known as Fortunate Link. This triggers a bonus round where you can win even more.

Meet the Gods in Fortunate Zeus Slots

When you're ready to find the gods and go to Mount Olympus, look for an online casino that carries slots games. There are many online casinos that have Foruntate Zeus Slots, because it always pays to honor the gods and goddesses.