Legendary Luck Slots

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East, China, Regional

China is an ancient, mysterious world with thousands and thousands of years of history and a lot of age-old wisdom. There's a reason that China is associated with fortune cookies, mystical healing powers and thousand-year-old teachings. Legendary Luck Slots captures the look of the Chinese culture and artwork to create a game that's fun and hopefully, super lucky.

A Legendary Design

The look of Chinese design is lovingly recreated in this game. The background looks like a Chinese landscape, with beautiful mountains and a majestic pagoda rising up against a purple sky. Paper lanterns light the way, drawing you toward the game board in the center. The background is full of shades of purple and orange. The game board itself is covered in red and green, bold colors that are highly associated with Chinese culture.

Looking at the Reels

The five reels and three rows that create this gave are full of gorgeous jade green, a color highly associated with China. You will see pandas, frogs, foxes and stunning dragon coins. Shades of bold red, a color that is highly associated with luck in Chinese culture, also fill up the reels.

The beauty of the design might hook you but it's the gameplay that's going to keep you locked onto the screen as you play this game. The spinning reels are captivating, the graphics are enchanting and the many ways to win will keep you absolutely glued to the action.

Become a Legendary Slots Player

There may be only five reels and three rows that make up the game board, but there are 243 pay lines where you can line up matching symbols and hit a win. That means you literally have hundreds of opportunities to win money every time you play. But there's more to this game than straightforward, classic slots-style gameplay.

Playing Another Way

Hit the right symbols, and you will trigger a mini-game. Suddenly, the game board becomes bigger as more columns and rows are added. During this game, the reels spin automatically and you have more chances to win a big payout and more free spins that can help you get just the luck you need.

Where to Play Legendary Luck Slots

When you want to tap into the ancient luck and wisdom of the Chinese, go looking for your legendary luck. Look for online casinos that offer slots games and you will find Legendary Luck Slots. Maybe ancient wisdom and luck is exactly what you need to add a lot to your bank account.