Plinko Casino Game

For kids growing up in the U.S., watching the game show The Price is Right when staying home sick from school is a right of passage. One of The Price is Right’s most famous games is Plinko, a game where you drop a chip down a vertical peg board, and the chip bounces randomly down the pegs until it reaches a slot on the bottom marked with a cash prize. The chance in this game always made it so exciting to watch because you never knew where the chip would end up. The fact that they turned the same concept into an online casino game is exciting to a whole generation of people. So, how does this game stack up to the real deal, and is it worth your time?

The Excitement and Simplicity You Expect

This game is simplistic at its core, but that is in its favor. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated to be fun. The game may look intimidating at first because of the three different colored number lines at the bottom, but those lines will become your best friend. Green, yellow, and red lines correspond with the colored balls you drop. When you drop a ball that matches that color line, you get the prize from that line wherever it lands. The lines start at zero in the center and increase in each direction.

From there, all the player needs to do is choose how much each ball is worth, just like you would choose how much a spin is worth in a slot game, and then press the color of the ball you want to drop. Prizes range from .5 to 353x your bet, and risk and reward increase as you descend from green to red. The gameplay is really that simple; there are not many moving parts to this game.

There is some strategy that you can implement when dropping the balls, including changing the price of each ball, how often you drop balls, and staggering which colors of balls you drop to balance your risk and reward. Multiple balls dropped in close succession have a chance to bounce off each other, and the pegs causing more chaos and increasing the chances your balls bounce further to the outside, where the higher-reward slots are. However, this strategy can also cost you much more money if you drop multiple balls each time.

Not The Best Looking

Plinko is known for its simplicity, which spills over into its aesthetics. The most significant control you have over the way it looks is choosing between how many pegs are on the board between 12 and 16. The white pegs sit on a plain blue background with the three colored number lines below the pegs, which is the whole game. While it isn’t a feast for the eyes, it does strip away distractions and allow you to focus on winning money.

Plinko has found the perfect balance on the audio side, choosing to skip the background music and going light on the sound effects. There is a change sound every time you drop a ball and distinct sounds when you hit a slot that increases your balance and when you hit a slot that doesn’t.

A Fantastic Way to Break Up Routines

When you play a lot of online slot games, they can start to melt together no matter how unique each game is. Playing Plinko is an excellent way to break up that repetition by playing something a little different. Plinko is fun easy, and gives you a chance to win some serious cash, especially when you find a strategy you like. Plinko allows you to relive the old days if you were a Price is Right fan as a kid, but you will love playing this game even if you weren’t. Like any casino game, Plinko has risks associated with its rewards, so play responsibly and enjoy this fun and unique online casino game.