Mighty Drums Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
China, East, Regional

China is famous for being exotic and far away from almost everyone else, for having that amazing Great Wall and for gorgeous art and architecture. But historically, this was an extremely rich region of the world, too. The Silk Road turned China into a huge trading power in the ancient world and kingdoms everywhere paid handsomely for spices and fabrics and other items. Might Drums Slots honors the ancient riches of China...and helps you get your hands on some of them.

The Colors

The design of this slots game stands out right away, making it easy to notice Mighty Drums Slots even among others. You can't help but look at the rich golden tones, the bold and vivid red, the gorgeous little touches of blue and purple. Red is known to be a very lucky color in Chinese culture. In this game design, you might think that red is lucky for you, too.

The Game

The gameboard for this game is full of graphics that look like they're going to jump off the screen and come right to you but the board has a pretty classic design just the same. There are five reels and three rows where you can look for winning combinations by matching up symbols.

The symbols you will see include golden dragons, beautifully stylized drums, golden ships and familiar letters, all designed with the look of classic Chinese art and style.

Win Even More

There are a ton of bonus symbols and wild cards on the reels, so you stand a good chance of getting wins and finding multipliers that make your wins bigger. But you know they say that more is more, so this lots game offers you even more. There are also four different jackpots that you can hit. These jackpots are progressive, so they keep growing until someone gets lucky and hits the money.

The jackpots range all the way from mini to grand. If you get the grand jackpot, you will win thousands of dollars. Not bad for a day of playing a fun and beautiful game, right?

Collecting Treasures

As you spin the reels, you will be adding to the progressive jackpots even as you add money to your own account. You will almost always be adding to one of these totals because this game offers a lot of winning op[oritntiites, so it's rare to get a spin without some kind of win. After all, winning is what makes every game more fun.

Find a Lucky Payday with Mighty Drums Slots

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