Tarot Destiny Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Magic, Fortune-Telling

For centuries upon centuries upon centuries, people have tried to gaze into the future to see what lies on the path ahead. One of the most well-known ways to see into the future is to consult with tarot cards. These mystical cards are created with beautiful symbols and bright colors and that's exactly the look that's captured so beautifully in Tarot Destiny Slots.

Step Into the Room

You will be taken inside a fortune teller's cabin, where candlelight flickers in the corners. Outside, a storm is raging. Inside, there is a crystal ball primed and ready, sitting the center of the room that's full of rich purple fabrics and warm wood tones. Will you step up to the ball, spin the reels and find out your destiny?

Finding Your Destiny

When you click the button, the five reels with spin and you'll have the chance to match symbols across three rows. The symbols on the board are beautifully stylized ith rich colors. Vivid hues of purple, blue, green and pink, all in dazzling hues that are detailed with bright, gleaming gold scrollwork.

You will see candles, mysterious spell books, wise owls and of course, tarot cards to reveal your destiny. If you line up matching symbols along any of the 10 pay lines, you win.

The Gameplay

This game plays out with classic slots style play. The reels spin and you hope they will match. There are also bonus symbols that can help you win more. Turn on the auto spin unction and the reels will go around on their own. As the colors whirl and the reels spin, you will see where the wheels of destiny fall and if they will fall in your favor. Use the speed button to make the reels go even faster or slower.

Find Your Fortune

This is a classic slots game that's straightforward and simply easy to play and enjoy. YOu won't see a lot of graphics or extras, the game board won't change. You'll just play this game and see how the symbols fall and if they fall in your favor.

Playing Tarot Destiny Slots

Look for Tarot Destiny Slots at any online casinos that carry slots games. This popular title is available at many online casinos that have slots, so you don't have to look long before you're consulting with the oracle to find out just how your future will unfold.