Santastic Slots

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3-reel, video, progressive
Winter, Christmas, Holidays

Who, by now, doesn't realize that Real Time Gaming is the absolute best that the online casino gaming space has to offer? Seeking to solidify their status as the number one option, RTG has released the enigmatic Santastic Slots for your gaming pleasure. Frankly, it's got the works: you will find symbols that are representative of Christmas in the holiday spirit all throughout the game board. These include Frosty the Snowman, Magical Helper Elves, Rudolph the Ruby-nose Reindeer, old St. Nick/Santa Claus, a Christmas feast and more. Although will get into these a little bit later, you are compelled to keep an eye out for the Double Wild and the Triple Wild, because they have the ability to truly enhance your cash winning ways. Of course, there is the option to play this for free in your browser using Flash from Adobe. For you real money players, you can wager between $0.25 and $1.25 - which are delineated as coins within the game.

Check Out These Santastic Bonus Icons and Features

The Slots bonus symbols act to improve your payouts and also give you more chances to win free games and/or free spins. They are known as the Double and the Triple, and only show up on the second and third reels to make a substitution for nearly all other symbols in the game - save for the Jackpot icon. The first of the two is the Red Double Wild icon; it translates to a 2x Wild, which means that whatever prize is listed on the games pay table is doubled in value when this icon makes a substitution in order to help complete a winning combination. The second bonus symbol is the Green Triple Wild; this translates to a 3x Wild, and as you might've guessed from the name, whatever prize you would've one on the pay table before this make a substitution is tripled in value when it does appear to help complete a winning combination. If luck truly smiles on you, and you happen to get both substitute symbols at the same time to make two replacements, then your prize is multiplied by a factor of six - yes, that would be 6x - when they help complete a winning combo.

There's another bonus symbol in this game, and it is called the Jackpot Icon; it is the titular name in the foreground, with a bunch of Christmas presents in the background. Your initial Jackpot Spin is released into the current game if the Jackpot Icon shows up in the middle of the second reel at any point during a normal round of play. Specifically, this bonus is entitled the "Extra Jackpot Chance!". The next bonus feature is entitled the "Jackpot Spins!", And when this is front and center, every single icon in the game is grayed out; the only one that remains colored and viewable is the Jackpot icon. The gist of this feature is that the Jackpot icon will reward you with cash and prizes, or alternatively the Progressive Jackpot once the spin is concluded.

Finally, there's the Festive Feast Feature in the game. During this one, any prize you win is tripled in value as long as you win it during gameplay using one of the free spins. The only prize that is not tripled is the progressive jackpot, of course. The so-called Festive Feast Feature is subject to being one during any one of the free games, and it will reward you with a maximum of 25 extra free games. Additionally, the Free Spins as well as the Jackpot Spins are gifted to the real money player whenever the Festive Feast Feature is played over a full 5 Pay lines of the activated game; this is heavily dependent on whatever you wagered at the start of the bet line. Off to the side of the game screen, there's a Bonus Meter which awards instant prizes that can be multiplied by whatever you wagered at the start of the bet line.

Santastic Slots Pokey Paytable

Although Santastic Slots has a big final jackpot, many of the symbol combination payouts that appear on the icon pay table are a bit modest when compared to other Real Time Gaming pokies. The big, prominence, Marigold Jackpot Bonus icon for example delivers a jackpot if you can land three of a kind of the eponymous icon simultaneously on the reels. If you land two of the Marigold Jackpot Bonus Icons at the same time, then your reward is a big drop-off to 10 game credits. The next icon makes up the balance by bringing up the rear in terms of the size of the payouts: it is the Jolly St. Nicholas symbol, and he's reading a very long list of good children for whom to deliver prizes this Christmas season. Three of a kind of the Jolly St. Nicholas symbol delivers a 100 game coins reward to the player; whereas two of a kind of the Jolly St. Nicholas's symbol get you just 3 game credits. If the Double Wild symbol shows up to replace one of the St. Nicholas's symbols, and the Triple Wild symbol also appear simultaneously to replace another St. Nicholas symbol, then you receive a huge 600 game credits on the pay lines. If both of the Double Wild icon in the Triple Wild icon appear to bump the St. next symbol of the game board altogether, then your payout goes from 3 game credits to 18 game credits.

The next symbol on the reels is the Happy Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer icon - unlike the other members of the series, the Old Faithful herbivore is not interested in overthrowing the King. In short, Rudolph is here to help St. Nicholas in his worldwide endeavors to reward the good children. The Happy Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer icon, if a triplet shows up on the reels at the same time, delivers a 50 game credit payout; if two of a kind of the Happy Rudolph Reindeer symbol instead shows up, then you get just 2 game coins. If, however, both the Double Wild and the Triple Wild bonus icons appear to replace Rudolph in the three of a kind slot, then your payout gems from 50 game coins to an impressive 300 game coins. After this comes the Rosie-Cheeked Elf; this little guy is garbed in green and carries to presents wrapped in red and blue wrapping paper. The only symbol combination for which you receive a payout here is if three of a kind of the Rosie-Cheeked Elf appear for 30 game coins on the payout lines. Should the Triple Substitute and the Double Substitute symbols appear to bump off two of these Elves, then your payout jumps way up to 180 game coins.

From here on out, the mid--level payout icons as well as the low-level payout icons will only reward you if you get the maximum (as well as minimum, actually) number of three of a kind simultaneously on the Santastic Slots reels. We start off this new trend with the Candy Striped North Pole Sign; three of a kind of the Candy-cane Strike North Pole Sign is worth just 20 game coins; if the Double Wild Presence symbol or the Triple Wild Presence symbol appear at the same time to enhance these wins - leaving just a single Candy Strap North SYMBOL ON THE REELS, THEN YOUR PAYOUT JUMPS WAY UP TO 120 COINS.Following on the heels of the signage we have the Dressed-up Snowman icon. The maximum possible number is three of a kind of the Dressed-up Snowman icon which gives you 10 game coins in Santastic Slots. Should the Triple Substitute sign as well as the Double Substitute sign both appear to replace two of the three symbols, your payout jumps up to 60 game coins.

The next level is actually comprised of two symbols that possess the same symbol combination payout values. These are the Christmas Carrot Cake with a mistletoe on top, as well as the Teddy Bear Stocking Stuffer. Five of a kind of the Christmas Carrot Cake or the Stocking Stuffer Teddy Beer symbols are worth seven game coins on the pay lines; should the Double Substitute icon or the Triple Substitute icon replace two of either base symbol, your payout becomes 42 game coins. Finally, we have the Single Peppermint Candy Cane symbol and the Light Mahogany-colored Teddy; three of a kind of either one is worth just a handful of game credits; if, however, both versions of the Wild icons show up to replace two of the symbols, then your payout becomes 30 gold coins. There's a lot to like about Santastic Slots; the only way to play the full scope of the game is to download the casino software and make a deposit to play for real money.