The Naughty List Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Winter, Christmas, Holidays

If you grew up anywhere in the Western Hemisphere or its territories, then you have almost certainly heard of the so-called Naughty List compiled by Santa Claus and his merry elves way up there in the North Pole. This list apparently spends billions of pages in order to list the numerous names of the children who have been naughty or nice all the year round. If you end up on the list, then the big fat jolly red man will not break into your home at night, still your cookies and milk, and leave behind presents that do not exceed the value of the stuff he stole. Since this is a Real Time Gaming pokey, the Naughty List is a little bit different, and features a couple of lovely lasses wearing questionable lingerie-type clothing and waiting to land a whale.

Sporting 5 reels and a breathtaking 50 pay lines, you can choose to play this one for free or download for access to real money prizes. If you choose the former, then all you need is a supported browser and a workstation or mobile device to navigate to the website. If you choose the latter, then you will need to download the software onto your Windows desktop or your android or Apple iOS mobile device to experience the full scope of the game. Here, the minimum that per line is a measly $0.01, which means if you keep all 50 pay lines active you wager $0.50 per game. The maximum wager for an entire game is $250.00 for you highrollers. The game features a progressive Jackpot, a number of free spins depending on the scatter symbol, scatter icons and wild substitute symbols.

The appealing Christmas theme definitely has a twist to it, as you can see by the scantily-clad women gallivanting around the game board. We think that this is actually where the naughty moniker refers to, and not the bad children who won't be getting any present this December. All of the symbols, nonetheless, managed to adhere to the Christmas theme, and you should not be surprised to find reindeer, snowy village residences, golden ringing bells, candy canes and a sled that can apparently travel faster than the speed of light.

What To Expect Features-Wise

As we hinted at up above, The Naughty List Slots has a double serving of the famed Progressive Jackpot feature, which makes it twice as much fun to play. Particularly if you chose to download for full-game access; this means you're now in the running for an impressive amount of moolah. The jackpots themselves are denoted in the upper right hand side corner of the 5 x 3 game-board during every round of play, so that you cannot lose track of them increasing steadily as more and more real money gamers join the fray. Do not get discouraged at any particular round, since the progressive jackpots can be delivered at random and thus completely change your fortunes for that round.

Before we delve into the paying symbol combinations, let us check out the Lucky Trigger Features that are scattered throughout the game. The Naughty List Slots pulls out all the stops for these, in that when you win one at random, you can be endowed with a bunch of extra chances at pursuing the random progressive jackpots. As we will cover later, the scatter icon can trigger these free games, and should you be so lucky to land 5-10 free spins, the scatter will also unlock a 10x multiplier. The very first bonus feature triggered will be the eponymous Santa Claus Bonus Feature; when this icon lands on the reels, the player is gifted with powers of substitution that help fulfill the requirements for having a winning payline.

Next up is the Santa's List Option, which hosts two features: the Naughty Pick Feature and the Santastic Free Spins Feature. The Naughty Pick variant occurs when a minimum of three of a kind of the scatter shows up; whereupon you will be presented with several rows totaling 20 presents from which to pick. As you fly through them, two will be the so-called Naughty Notes, both of which can lead to higher prize amounts on top of the free spin and multiplier you receive. The next feature is the Santastic Free spins, which is a prize in and of itself.

The Naughty List Payouts From Symbol Combinations

The Naughty List Slots pay table combinations, courtesy of the symbols on the reels, are very interesting to reveal. The first one comes in a stash of twos which includes a lovely young lady clad in a red bikini, and a gorgeous young redhead adorned in shimmering emerald garb. If you land five of a kind of either one of these lovely ladies, then your payout on the reels enter being 500 game credits on the pay lines. If you land for of a kind of the brunette in a red bikini or for of a kind of the redhead in an emerald get up, then your prize is 100 game credits. If three of a kind of either one of those ladies shows up the symbols on the reels your prize is 20 game credits, and two of these ladies get you 2 game credits.

The next couple of symbols are again worth the same payout values. They consist of a pack of reindeer symbols and a snowy village scenery symbol; five of a kind of either is worth 200 game credits. For of a kind of the reindeer crew symbol or for of a kind of the snowy village seen symbol get you 80 game credits. Three of either of the above symbols are worth 10 game credits.

Somehow, the poker card jackets always managed to sneak into these 5 reel video Slots - and this is no different with Naughty List Slots. The first set includes the King jackets and the Ace jacket; five of a kind of either of these results in a 150 game credit reward. Four Ace jackets or four King jackets get you 30 game credits, and three of a kind of these top two poker jackets are worth 5 game credits. The next set of icons or poker jackets are the Queen and the Joker; five of either is worth 125 game credits, for Queen symbols or for Jack/Joker symbols get you 25 game credits, and three Joker jackets or three Queen jackets are worth 5 game credits. The final symbols are precisely what you would have guessed: the 9 in the 10. Five of either are worth 100 game credits, four of either are worth 20 game credits, and three of the 9 or three of the 10 numbers are worth 3 game credits. What are you waiting for? Download Naughty List Slots and see if you or your children are on Santa Clauses Naughty List.