Football Frenzy Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Football, Sport

We cannot rave enough about the ability to play Football Frenzy Slots for free in the Flash mode, and the ability to downloaded for real money play. The game is a riveting excursion into the virtual world of soccer with symbols emblematic of the world's favorite universal sport. The blue Stadium Scatter icons are there to help you win multiples of your wager, and the red Soccer Stryker lead player is there to substitute for normal symbols and help you complete winning pay lines. You also find that there are several random progressive jackpots in the game, and special bonus features and rounds in which you try to score penalty kicks on the screen to win more free games. If you choose to download the software play for money, then you can wager 0.50 game credits for every spin to make this a game in the range of the low rollers. Per line, you can keep all 50 pay lines active in wager between $0.01 and $0.25 to keep things interesting.

Two Top Symbols: Scatter and Wild

In Football Frenzy Slots, you can put your trust into the Cardinal red Wild Stryker symbol because of its ability to make a substitution for all non-scatter symbols. Considered to that the Substitute Stryker will double your pay table payout when it shows up and complete a winning combination. It is represented by a victorious soccer player clad in the traditional red of the winning team.

The other top bonus symbol in the game is the scatter; it is assumed by the Blue Stadium symbol and cannot be put off by the Wild Cardinal red Stryker. For five of a kind of the Blue scatter Stadium icon you win a 500x reward on the pay lines; the X represents whatever you wagered at the start of this particular game. Of course, this means that you must have downloaded the casino software and make a deposit in order to create a casino account and begin playing for real money. Both the wild and the scatter symbols appear in the virtual game, as well; with the only difference being that you cannot win any real cash and prizes when you play the free Flash mode. If you land four of a kind of the scattered blue Stadium symbol you win 10x your wager, and three scatter symbols in the game rewards you with a payout of 2x. Note that all scatter wins pay in both directions - whereas every other symbol in the game pays in the traditional direction only.

Football Frenzy Paytable Details

We couldn't possibly imagine a soccer-themed video Slots that is not sport a soccer ball as one of the chief symbols in the game. Being true according to form, Football Frenzy Slots has a black-and-white soccer ball as its top traditional icon. If you score 5 of a kind of the soccer ball symbol on the reels simultaneously, then your prize is 500 game credits; if the substitute Cardinal red Stryker symbol also appears to replace one of them, then this payout is bumped up to 1000 game credits. If you score four of a kind of the soccer ball icon then you win a steel-respectable 300 game credits on the reels; if the red Stryker wild makes a substitution this payout is doubled to 600 game credits. If you score 3 of a kind of the traditional soccer ball symbol you win 75 coins - which is bumped up to 150 game credits if the bonus symbol makes a substitution. Lastly two of a kind of the soccer ball results in a 5 game credit reward; the wild symbol still works here, and improves this to 10 game credits when it appears once.

The next icon in the game is none other than the Brazilian goalie; he is almost certainly been responsible for some earth-shattering gold stoppages, since the Brazilians are widely regarded as the greatest soccer country on the earth. If you score 5 of a kind of the Brazilian goalie symbol on the reels at the same time your payout is 500 game credits; if the substituting red Stryker icon appears to make a replacement you win 1000 game credits. For four of a kind of the Brazilian goalie symbol you win 200 game credits; increased to 400 game credits if a substitution is made by the red Stryker. The last collection of symbols for which you receive a payout is three of a kind - resulting in 50 game credits; should the wild Stryker also appear, this becomes 100 game credits. The next row contains two symbols: both the soccer referee holding up a yellow card, and a female soccer fan wearing a Viking helmet and red and white paint on her face. For five of a kind of either of these icons appearing on the reels at the same time you win 300 game credits; if four of a kind of the soccer referee holding up a yellow card or the Viking costume female soccer fan symbols show up you win 100 game credits, and if three of a kind of the aforementioned icons appear you get 30 game credits. The Cardinal red Stryker Wild symbol can also improve your payouts with this one, resulting in a 600 game credit win for five of a kind, a 200 game credit reward for four of a kind, and a 60 game credit prize for three of a kind.

The World Championship Soccer Gold Cup and the Football Frenzy National Soccer Sigil work together as two of a kind in the same batch of symbol payout combinations. If you manage five of a kind of either of these your payout is 200 game credits; the Red Stryker wild makes a substitution to improve this sum of money to 400 game credits. For four of a kind of the World Championship Gold Soccer Cup or the Football Frenzy National Soccer Sigil symbols you win 50 game credits; the wild symbol improves your lot to 100 game credits if it replaces one of these. For three of a kind of any one of the two icons you win 20 game credits, which are leveled up to 40 game credits if accompanied or replaced by the substituting Red Stryker. Another collection of symbols includes the Champ Sash with white and red embroidery, as well as the Referee's Whistle icon. Five of a kind of the red and white Champ Sash symbol or five of a kind of the Referee's Whistle guarantees you a 200 game credit payout; this can get up to 400 game credits with the help of the wild Red Stryker. The next symbol combination of these two symbols is for of a kind which translates to a 40 game credit win; the wild symbol can make this 80 game credits if it shows up. The final payout for the Referee's Whistle or the white and red Champ Sash symbols is delivered if you manage three of a kind on the reels - you win 10 game credits; again, with the wild symbol, this can improve to double its value at 20 game credits.

The final symbol combination of the game comes to us courtesy of a clear Plastic Cup of Game Beer, and a pair of Soccer Cleats. Five of a kind of the Cup of Beer or the Soccer Cleats shoes get you 200 game credits; a single replacement by the Wild Red Stryker gets this to 400 game credits; for four of a kind of the Cup of Beer or the pair of Soccer Cleats symbols pays you 30 game credits; the substitute symbol improves this to 60 game credits. Lastly, for three of a kind of the pair of Soccer Cleats or the Cup of Beer icons you win a handful of game credits that translates to two handfuls of game credits with the substitute symbol. Download Football Frenzy Slots to play a virtual rendition of the world's most famous slot for a chance at real cash and prizes.