The Elf Wars Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Winter, Christmas, Holidays

Elf Wars Slots has a lot for it as a continuation of Real Time Gaming's flagship Rudolph series of 5 reel gaming pokies. Although ensconced in the Christmas spirit, this 50 payline Slot can be played at any time of the year with great aplomb and to raucous applause. It is huge, and thus has plenty of ways to win even as it entices you with the Grade A graphics that draw players from far and wide to the online casino gaming space. You will locate free games, scatter symbols, wild icons and many different bonus games inside of this progressive jackpot-containing pokey. The essence of the Elf Wars Slots is that there is now war in the North Pole climate. Santa clauses reindeer and helpers are in cahoots in an attempt to overthrow the pagan Christmas monarch. Of course, his forces are divided, and there are some elves that remain faithfully by Santa Claus' side. Rudolph, on the other hand, is definitely against the jolly red man - who is known as Esau in the Bible - and is looking to overthrow him before the times of Obadiah come to pass. But this is a Christmas slot for online casino gamers, and we aim to return to the profitable aspects in this review.

Elf Wars Slots Wagering Paid Play

As with virtually every other Real Time Gaming pokey, you can play The Elf Wars Slots in the free mode or the paid mode: for the former, there's no download necessary - simply had to the online casino website and click the Instant Play button in order to activate the game in the Adobe Flash web browser program. Of course, you need to ensure that the web browser with which you're playing can actually support Flash. At the time of this writing, the eligible web browsers are Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. The previous go for your mobile platform; on your desktop computer, Microsoft Windows works perfectly well with Adobe flash.

If you really want to get in the game, then the download option requires you to eschew the "Instant Play" button in favor of the "Download Now" button. This will take just a few minutes longer than the free mode; simply create a username and password so that you now have a casino account where your payments and email promotions can be sent. Once you make a deposit, as long as it meets the minimum requirements you will be rewarded with a Welcome Bonus of considerable quantity.

Once you are eligible to place a wager in the real money version of The Elf Wars Slots, keep in mind that there is a huge 50 pay line reel. Every single one of these pay lines are set on active; you cannot vary them in this game. However, your ability to make adjustments comes in the coin denominations you pick; you can place a bet between $0.10 and $10, which will then be multiplied by a factor of 5 before your wager is instituted. If you're going by how much you can wager per spin, then this ranges from $0.50 to $50.

Just How Many Bonus Features Are There?

The first special bonus feature in this Pokey is known as the Elf Wars Bonus Pick Me Progressive Feature. Although this name is a mouthful, you can rest assured that it has plenty of gifts hidden inside. In order to access it, the requirement is three of a kind of the scattered Elves descend onto the reels simultaneously and engage one of the games many respins. The entrance into the game will commence with you being presented with a choice out of three possible choices: the Pig, the Bad or the Good as denoted on the screen. If you choose the Bad Else, then the game option that will arise is either the Rudolph's Rampage Bonus Feature, or the cat Rudolph's Revenge Bonus Feature. On the other hand, if you choose the Good Elves then you will have an option between the Jackpot Spins Good Bonus Feature, or the Center Strikes Back Bonus Feature. Keep in mind that you cannot additionally land a wild icon during this substitution-free round. If you are fortunate enough, the scatter symbol substitute will take the place of the wild and triple your winnings.

The next bonus feature is the Elf Wars Rudolph's Rampage Bonus. Fortune favors the brave, and the only way to really take advantage of this one is to have downloaded the casino software one the option was presented at the start of the game. The novel screen that appears were show a brilliant graphic of Santa Claus's shop being destroyed - as if a couple of burglars and rabble-rousers had come through and ransacked the place. The place is filled with dust, debris and detritus; you are two rumbled through the rubble to locate three of the missing Good Elves that were fighting for Santa Claus before the Bad Elves sent them into the long night forever. Uses few pics as you can in order to locate them so that you can win up to 50 free spins if you managed to find the deceased Good Elves using a maximum of three pics. Once found, they magically return to life and deliver you some worthy gifts. If you get a Blue Gift, and any prize you happen to win during the free spins around is multiplied by a factor of 4. If you happen to win the Red Gift, then the scatter symbols (the Bad Elves) will switch their denomination to being substitute symbols and replace any other symbols to help you complete a winning pay line during the free spins around. Lastly, there's a Green Gift; in this one, the original Rudolph the Reindeer Wild symbol will expand to dominate the reels on either side of it on the third reel and unlock even more free spins.

Continuing, we have the Bad Feature of the Elf Wars which is denoted as Rudolph's Revenge bonus. When this will manifest itself, it comes with an automatic 7 free spins with which to hopefully improve your winning streak. As if this was not generous enough, every prize you happen to win during the bonus feature of Rudolph's Revenge results in all the free spins you've accumulated being doubled in number. If a multiplier also appears with it, this multiplier will elevate in value according to the number of Substitute Rudolph the Reindeer symbols are attending on the reels once the Free spin concludes. That means that if you get a minimum of four scatter Elves, the feature will be triggered in the Bad Elves will change their character to substitute symbols to improve the scatter payout. Yet another gift of seven extra spins are awarded if you managed to land a minimum of three Bad Elves on the game board simultaneously.

Now for the Elf War Good Bonus feature in this warlike slot - it results in Jackpot Spins Feature when the new screen involving the 6-pointed Star of Semiramis wheel look alike. Upon this wheel, you have three opportunities to spin, after which it will award one of the following per spin: you just might activate the Progressive jackpot - remember, this prize pool grows and continues to grow as new players download the casino software activated; it will keep on growing well into the high numbers until it is won, after which it resets. Another option is the chance to engage the Center Strikes Back bonus feature; and lastly, you can also win an automatic prize that is proportional to the total amount you bet. In fact, the game can deliver a gift of up to 100x your wager.

The final bonus feature is the Elf Wars Feature Guarantee in the progressive venture. The actual size of this award is completely dependent upon its whatever you wagered in the real money game; furthermore, how quickly you are able to activated also depends on how much you wagered. This is because a slice of that wager will go into a prize pool that steadily grows to really say win if you get lucky. If you extra spins will also be added to your account consistently for up to three spins - if you are able to activate the feature or the jackpot before then, then the allotted prize is awarded.

Champion Bonus Icons: The Wild/Substitute and the Scatter

This game is so massive that it actually has a double dose of substitute symbols - the first one is a muscular Santa Claus who means business and is ready for war, whereas the second one is an equally-formidable Rudolph the red nose reindeer with a bunch of loaded missiles and shotguns. Either one of them are capable of making a substitution for any other symbol save for the scattered Bad and Good Elves. If you land five of a kind of either Rudolph the red nose reindeer or Mercenary Santa wild symbol on the reels simultaneously or mixed, then your payout is 2000 game credits. If you land four of a kind of either Mercenary Center or Rudolph the rednosed reindeer substitute symbol you win 1000 game credits; three of a kind of Rudolph the red nose reindeer or Mercenary Santa gets the player 100 game credits, and two Mercenary Santa Claus symbols or to Rudolph the rednosed reindeer symbols get you 7 game credits.

As for the wild symbol-rebuffing scatter symbols, these payout handsomely as well but in a different way. If you manage to land five of a kind of the Green Good Elves symbols or five of a kind of the Red Bad Elves (their moral alignment depends on who's helping Santa Claus versus who's helping Rudolph the rednosed reindeer), then you win 100x your payout - keep in mind that all scatter wins are multiplied by the wagering selection you chose at the beginning of Health Wars Slots. If you land four of a kind of either the Red Bad Elves scatter symbols or the Green Good Elves scatter symbols, then you are rewarded with a 8x payout. Landing three of a kind of the Green Good Elves symbols or three of the Red Bad Elves symbols results in a 3x payout, and two of either one gets the player a 2x reward.

The Elf Wars Icon Combinations: The Paytable

When it comes to the normal character symbols, the first one is a Welcome To The North Pole candy cane gate; five of a kind of these results in a 1500 game credit payout to the real money player. Four of a kind of the Welcome To The North Pole candy cane gate symbol delivers a 250 game credit reward; three of a kind of the Welcome To The North Pole candy cane gate symbol gets the player 50 game credits, and two of the candy cane gate symbols are worth 5 game credits. A similarly expensive symbol is the Twin Snowman - even though there frozen solid, they possess formidable visages that look like they're ready for war. It's anyone's guess who side thereon, but we'll wager that they fight for Santa. Either way, if you land five of a kind of the Twin Snowman symbols simultaneously, your payout is 1000 game credits; if you land four of a kind of the Twin Snowman symbols you win 200 game credits, three of a kind of the Twin Snowman symbols gets the player 25 game credits, and two Twin Snowman icons appearing at the same time are worth 3 game credits.

The next symbol is a real doozy: it looks like an awesome rocket sled bearing twin nestle silos and powered by reindeer. Five of a kind of the Rocket Sled with Missile Silos icons are worth 750 game credits; four of a kind of the Rocket Sled with Twin Missile Silos get you 125 game credits; three of a kind of the Rocket Sled icon is worth 10 game credits, and two Rocket Sled with Missile Silos icons are worth 2 game credits. In the next slot, we have a triple dose of symbols consisting of a Bucket of Free Food icon, a Pumpkin Spice Cupcake, and a Golden Scroll demanding that Rudolph the Warlike Reindeer surrenders to his liege. If you land a maximum allowed five of any of these three symbols at the same time you win 250 game credits; four of any of the symbols get you 50 game credits, and three of a kind of the Bucket of Free Food symbol, or three of a kind of the Pumpkin Spice Cupcake, or three of a kind of the Golden Scroll of Surrender is worth 7 game credits on the payout lines.

We close out the Elf Wars Slots with the poker card suits, starting with the Blue Ace, the Red King, and the Purple Queen suits; such that five of them are worth 150 game credits, four of them are worth 30 game credits, and three of any of them get you 5 game credits. The second and final batch of three starts with the Ice blue Jack symbol, the Cinnamon 10 and the Green 9; five of these at the same time get you 125 game credits, four of any of them are worth 25 game credits, and three of a kind of the Ice blue Joker/Jack suit, or the Cinnamon 10 suit or the Green 9 pays out 5 game credits. Download today.