These 3 Essentials Crop Up in Lots of Rtg Slot Games

RTG is one of our favorite developers, offering lots of action over a range of superb themes. Many famous slots are from their collection, which means you've always got lots of enjoyment to have if you load their games.

But what can you expect to find in their slots? Here are three things we have noticed appearing in lots of games.

Successful themes

They do come up with creative and unusual themes too, of course, but we all have favorite settings and themes for our slots, don't we? You can expect to find lots of the best ideas inside the RTG slot collection.

They've given us cops and robbers, ancient Egypt, the city of Troy, and magical settings as well. Everyone from ghosts to zombies and Cleopatra to Achilles - you can meet them all.

Second screen bonuses

You won't find these in all the slots from Realtime Gaming, but you can expect to see them in plenty of games. They have a knack of developing bonuses closely related to the themes as well. Some of these bonuses revolve around free games, but even in those cases, there are differences, such as with the Cash Bandits bank safe. You need to break open vaults in search of free spins and multipliers there.

Wilds and scatters

And bonus symbols too, on occasion. The famous wild and scatter symbols do turn up in plenty of RTG games though, and they're often used to trigger separate features. Sometimes, they'll act together to create opportunities to play free spins or other bonuses, so stay alert for those occasions.

Read each paytable to find out more

One of the best things about playing RTG slot games is that you cannot assume you know how they'll pan out. Reading through the paytable for each one therefore becomes crucial, as it reveals all the rules of each game. You can work out whether you've got an opportunity to trigger bonuses, free games, wild features, and anything else.

And with RTG slots, you never can tell what's coming next. We recommend them as a developer, and many of their games make it into our favorite selection of slots to play. We wonder if the same might be true for you.