Fucanglong Slots

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video, bonus, 5-reel
East, Fantasy, China

When it comes to history and civilizations around the world, the Americas are pretty new. Europe is much older and even it pales in comparison to China, a land full of ancient mysteries. The ancient Chinese were building a wall that can be seen from space while the people in Europe were living in straw huts. That's how ancient and interesting this culture is. And the look and feel of China are captured beautifully in Fucanglong Slots.

Ancient Culture

The art and design of Chinese culture are captured in lovely detail in this game. On either side of the game board, two majestic sculptures and glowing paper lanterns set the stage for the five reels and four rows that make up the game itself. You will see pretty shades of old gold, jade green and rich red on a black screen where various symbols associated with Chinese culture appear.

Examining the Game

The reels contain Chinese dragons, chests of coins, beautiful women wearing traditional costumes, lucky symbols and more. Funcanglong is a Chinese dragon whose mission was to protect treasure. This game gives you the chance to grab some of that treasure for yourself. There are 1,024 pay lines where you can match symbols to strike a winning combination. That's a whole lot of possibilities to make money and add treasure to your pockets.

Defeating the Dragon

The gameplay is fast and exciting, especially if you turn on the auto-spin function. Turn this on and the reels will spin and spin on their own. You can adjust the speed to customize things more to your liking whenever you want. All it takes is one spin to win big, so you may find yourself defeating the dragon at any moment.

Bonus Games

Look for the wild symbols and make sure to keep an eye out for the dragon mountain scatter symbol. Hit this and you'll launch a bonus game where you can get a bunch of free spins. Bigger and better bonuses are available at this time so you can get even bigger wins. With the Dragon Pearl feature, you may get a multiplier that goes up to 888x the initial bet. Now, that's definitely a big win.

Playing Fucanglong Slots

Funcanglong Slots takes you into the dragon's lair where you will be surrounded by Chinese art and culture and treasure. Play this slots game online or with any device of your choosing. It's time to face the dragon and see how much treasure you can collect.