Purrfect Pets Slots

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5-reel, video, progressive

What do you do to cheer yourself up after one of those days where everything seems to just go wrong? Do you watch YouTube videos of cute little animals? Purrfect Pets captures all that cuteness but adds in something more: the possibility for you to win money.

A Perfect Design

Everything about this game is built around the theme of absolutely adorable, cute little baby pets. Even the options on the board are pet-related. The speed function is a box of kittens. Add or subtract kittens from the box to make the game go slower or faster. Click on the pet brush for the auto-play feature that will make the reels spin around even without your help. And when you're ready to spin the reels, just click on the cute little puppy that is wagging its tail.

Adorable hardly seems to do this game justice!

Betting on Yourself

The five reels and three rows that create this slots game sin around on a pretty pastel background. The reels themselves are full of adorable little images of baby pets and the stuff that goes along with them. Bones, toys, milk bottles and cute puppies and kittens are everywhere. When matching symbols line up along one of the twos, you end up winning.

Painting a Better World

This game is full of pretty pastel colors, shades of blue and green, red and pink that fill up the screen. These colors paint a beautiful world for you to fall into. Here, everything is soft and sweet and super cute, which means this is a perfect place to escape to. The world isn't always a cute, nice place to be. That's why this world is always adorable, always pretty, always cute and soft and fun, all the things the real world should be but so rarely is.

How to Play to Win

Bet from $0.25 to $25 on each turn of the reels to see where the symbols will fall on te board. The more you bet, the bigger your win will be if the symbols do match up on the screen. You can also choose to play for free if you like and get in some practice spins without risking any of your own money.

Having Fun with Purrfect Pets Slots

It's time to escape for a while and forget about the world out there that's never as pretty and soft as it should be. Spend some time in this world for a while and you might even win some money while you're doing it.