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If you’re in this game to try and win a lot of cash and prizes, then it is fruitful to download Plentiful Treasures Slots from Real Time Gaming. Although the name is pretty generic and westernized, one look at this Pokey exposes its unmistakable Asian roots. As is always the case, free play is available in your mobile browser as long as you're running Safari on Apple iOS, Internet Explorer on Windows mobile, or Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on your android device. The notation is clear and easy to read, and you will be able to find the mode you wish to play quickly and efficiently. Plentiful Treasures Slots is the name, and the 243 pay lines over 5 reels guarantees that there are plenty of possible winning combinations – but this is a game of chance, remember, so nothing is actually guaranteed other than blood-boiling excitement as you test your luck against the game board.

Goodies In Plentiful Treasures Slots

What, exactly, are these promised goodies? Well first of all, there are no promises in games of chance; but once you hear the jackpot prizes that the game has to offer, it will certainly pique your interest to try your luck against the grain. Plentiful Treasures Pokey has a total of four major jackpots for you to into get. The cheapest jackpot is still worthwhile; it is called, appropriately, the Many Jackpot and is capable of delivering a $50 payout if you get the necessary symbol combinations to trigger the Golden Coin Feature. The next highest jackpot is the Minor Jackpot, and it can deliver $100 or more. After this the money starts increasing dramatically, and the Major Jackpot can deliver a nifty $1000 to the lucky real money player. The last jackpot is the Grand Jackpot, and it can pad your pockets with a $10,000 win as well as several free games courtesy of the titular Plentiful Treasures Slots Free Spins Bonus Feature.

An additional positive attribute of this Pokey is the fact that all of the prize opportunities can be triggered again. Just imagine playing the night away, and receiving in extra 80 free chances to test Lady Luck and see if she delivers the goods for you. The 243-strong pay lines guarantees that you have many opportunities to win, so do not despair and keep on playing using a modest bankroll and an intelligent gaming method as advised by the veterans: keep all pay lines active, and use a small coin denominations on each one to increase your chances while minimizing your perspective debt.

Before we leave this section and down into the symbol combination payouts as well as the bonus icons (hint: these are known as the Wild symbol in the Scatter symbol), to try your hand at Plentiful Treasures Slots, just had to a hosting online gaming casino on your mobile device or desktop workstation. When she arrived there, you've got a decision to make; do you want to practice first and potentially use up what luck you have in the free mode, or do you want to download right away and start spending cash to win (possibly in the latter)? The choice is yours; but veterans advise you to play the free Flash mode by pressing the Instant Play banner and learn the ropes first. Then shortly afterward, make sure to download the casino software in order, create an account by making a username and password, and await your Welcome Bonus in your newly created casino account before you start using House cash to play.

Plentiful Treasures’ Bonus Icons Summary

When it comes to the special bonus symbols in these type of Slots, it is usually a good idea to go through these first; after all, these are the ones that have the potential to truly enhance your gaming experience if you happen to land symbol combinations. The Wild symbol in particular functions as a substitute icon which has the chance to help the player complete any winning combinations for the associated payout as prescribed by the pay table. The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, usually opens up the bonus features as well as delivering free spins depending on how many you land simultaneously.

The Wild symbol is the gold-red Oriental character written in what looks to be either Mandarin or Cantonese calligraphic style. This character only appears and unleashes its power when it shows up on the second reel on the game board; although it can also land on the third reel as well as the fourth reel to make a substitution by kicking off any other icon in the game except for the scattered shining pearl.

We might as well talk about the powers of the scattered shining pearl now, we wager. It dominates the third reel and can even be replaced by the gold-red Oriental character touched on above. Since it is a scatter symbol, it also comes with something called multipliers whose chief ability is to extend your gaming time and thus have an opportunity to rack up more wins. The multipliers can be either a single multiplier, to multipliers, three multipliers, four multipliers or a handful of multipliers depending on the number of scattered shining pearls you land at the same time.

This game is so robust that there are actually two scatter symbols; the second one is a gold-red boiling pit that appears to combine potions to cast mighty spells. If you get five gold-red boiling pit symbols on the reels, then you can win an amazing 50x reward on the reels. If you land four gold-red boiling pit scatter icons then you can win a 10x payout.

Big Payout Potential With Symbol Combinations

There are two types of symbols in Plentiful Treasures Slots: one of them is silver-colored and the other one is golden-colored. As you have probably guessed, the silver symbol is worth less than the gold symbol. The first one is a silver treasure trove icon that delivers a 30 game credit reward if five of a kind descend onto the reels; if four silver treasure trove symbols appear instead, then your payout is 10 game credits; three silver treasure trove icons are worth 5 game credits. Now here comes the thunderous gold variance: five of a kind of the gold treasure trove symbol get you a humongous 680 game credits. If you manage to uncover four gold treasure trove symbols at the same time then your payout is 128 game credits; three gold treasure trove icons are worth 68 game credits.

Next we have a Verdant Oriental Keys symbol – whatever that means; but hey were just here to report the wonderful slot news and symbol combinations. If you land five Verdant Oriental Keys then your reward is a solid 30 game credits. Keep in mind that these Verdant Oriental Keys are strongly-tinged with the color silver. Next up you can land four Verdant Oriental Keys icons for 10 game credits, or three of a kind of the Verdant Oriental Keys icons for 5 game credits. The gold version of the Oriental Keys are worth a whopping increase over the silver – as promised. Five of a kind of the golden-hued Oriental Keys symbols are worth 380 game credits; for golden-tinged Oriental Keys are worth a very lucky 88 game credits, and three of a kind of the golden-hued Oriental Key symbols are worth 38 game credits in the real money version of Plentiful Treasures Slots.

Don is the silver aspect of the game character symbols; for the very next one we've got what looks to be a copper or bronze genie lamp icon. If five of a kind of the genie lamp of nondescript color appear on the reels of symbols, your payout is 20 game credits. If you can land four bronze or copper genie lamp symbols then you win 10 game credits. Three bronze or copper genie lamps are worth 5 game credits. The unmistakably gold version of the genie lamp really takes these values to new heights, and five of them are worth 280 game credits; four golden genie lamp symbols are worth 68 game credits, and three of a kind of the golden genie lamp icon is worth 28 game credits.

Were down to the final three character symbols, and we start this with what looks like an ancient Gold in para cord symbol. For five of these golden para cord you win 128 game credits; for golden para cord symbols get you 28 game credits, and three of a kind of the golden para cord icon is worth 8 game credits. Next is an iron ring symbol that, for five of a kind, delivers a 20 game credit reward to the real money player. If you instead get 4 iron ring symbols you win 10 game credits, and three iron rings get you 5 game credits. It's hard to miss the brilliant gold version of this iron ring; five of them are worth 180 game credits, four of them are worth 38 game credits, and three of them are worth 18 game credits.

Were down to the very last non-character poker card symbols in the game. Plentiful Treasures Slots keeps them coming with the payout values, and the Queen, King, and Ace symbols get you 15 game credits for five of them on the reels. If instead you land four of them on the reels, your prize is 8 game credits; whereas three of them is still worth 5 game credits. Complementarily the 9, 10, and Jack jackets or suits are worth 15 game credits if you get five of them; or that would be eight game credits if you land 4 of them, and 5 game credits if you get three of them at the same time. Download Plentiful Treasures Slots at your convenience for some serious gaming ahead.