Cash Bandits 2 Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Money, Crime

Sporting 5 reels and 88 pay ways, RTG's Cash Bandit 2 Slots is well known for the numerous number of re-triggering options in the game. It's also got random jackpots that are propped up by free spins bonus features which make it easier to win. In order to activate the full scope of the game, you are compelled to download the software and make a deposit after you create a username and password to establish a private account. If you do not wish to make a wager, then you can play the Flash casino in your Chrome browser on your mobile device, or Firefox on the same. Apple iOS is also accepting of the software, and Flash works well with the Safari browser. If you're really looking to get into the game, however, then only through downloading will you be able to bet on the 88 active pay lines. The coin denominations range from $0.88 $88, with the best strategy for maximizing your potential to win is keeping all pay lines active in wagering just a little bit on each one. As for the jackpots, the smaller one is worth about $100 at the low end and can increase on up to $1000; it is called the Minor Jackpot. The larger one is appropriately called the Major jackpot and starts at $1000 minimum and goes up to $10,000. These can only be one randomly and are awarded at the conclusion of any normal game if Lady Luck smiled on you.

Bonus Features in Cash Bandit 2 Slots

As for the promised bonus features, they tend to come hard and fast in this game if you are on a Lucky streak. The scatter is represented by a Golden Gong icon, and if it lands it will unlock the so-called Pick a Feature Bonus. When this is triggered, the scattered Golden Gongs will unleash a brilliant in game animation that will eventually lead to the launching of the free games feature where you get extra spins to try and unlock the Gong Bonus, the Luck Cash Bandit 2 Slots Bonus, or the Tiger Cash Bandit 2 Slots Bonus. You can win up to 25 free spins on a single spin in this section.

Cash Bandit 2 Slots Bonus Icons Summary

The first Cash Bandit 2 Slots bonus symbol is the Robber Bandit, which has extra attributes in that it is a grouped substitute icon that only shows up on the first and the fifth reels and is capable of making a substitution for any other icon in the game - except for the Scattered Golden Gongs. If five of a kind of the Robber Bandit icon appear simultaneously in the feature game, then you are rewarded with a very lucky 5888 gold game credits; if four of a kind of the Robber Bandit icon dominate the reels you win 1888 gold game credits; if three Robber Bandit icons make a substitution, then your prize is 188 gold game credits, and for two Robber Bandit Wild substitute icons you win 18 coins. Since it is the Scatter symbol, the Golden Gong activate a special bonus: any wins with which it is involved are multiplied by the total wager (assuming that you're playing the real money version of the game). If you're playing the free Flash mode, then your reward comes in the form of virtual fun money. If five Golden Gong scatters show up, then you win 188x as well as unlocking the Cash Bandit 2 Slots Bonus Feature sub game. If four Golden Gong scatters show up then you win 18x your starting bet as well as unlock the Bonus Feature. Lastly, three Golden Gong scatters unlock the feature without rewarding any multiplied bet wins.

Cash Bandit 2 Slots Game Icons Paytable Summary

When it comes to the game icons, the foremost one is a serene Japanese Lake with a pagoda in the background. If five of the serene Japanese lakes with a pagoda icon appears on the reels at the same time, then your payout is an impressive 2888 coins (with a number eight denoting luck in Chinese culture and tradition); if instead four serene Japanese lakes with a pagoda in the background picture symbols appear, you win 888 coins; three serene Japanese Lake visions deliver 88 coins, and two of a kind of the serene Japanese Lake scenery symbol gets the player 8 coins. The next high-paying icons come in the: a swimming goldfish icon and a traditional Japanese crest icon. If five of a kind of either the goldfish or the Japanese crest appears on the reels at the same time you win 1888 coins; if four goldfish or for Japanese crest symbol show up you win 288 coins, and for three of a kind of either you win 28 coins. The last set of high-paying symbols are also worth the same per symbol combination: they include a floating white lotus on a lily pad symbol, and a red sash three gold rings symbol. If five of a kind of either the lotus flower on a lily pad or the sash with golden rings icons appear, you win 888 coins; if four of a kind of either one appears you win 188 coins, and for three white lotus flowers on a lily pad or for three red sash with a triplet of Golden rings symbol, your prize is 18 coins. The mid--tier symbols also come in groups: the first one consists of a Japanese traditional fan and a boat with sales drawn on the seas. Five of a kind of either is worth 588 coins; for Japanese traditional fan symbols or for selling boats on the river symbols get you 88 coins, and three of either of the above are worth 8 coins. The next set of symbols are elaborate poker card suits drawn in calligraphic font. The first one is a red Christmas tree bauble with the Ace of spades symbol; as well as a blue Christmas tree bauble with a King symbol. Five of a kind of either one is worth 388 coins; for red Christmas baubles with Ace or for blue Christmas baubles with King get you 28 coins on the pay lines, and three of a kind of either one is worth a coins. The final set of symbols in Cash Bandit 2 Slots consists of a purple Christmas tree bauble with the Queen jacket, a green Christmas tree bauble with the lucky eight, and a sky-blue Christmas tree bauble with the Joker. Five of a kind of any one of these three is worth 288 coins, four of a kind of any one of the three Christmas tree baubles get you 18 coins, and three of either one is worth 8 coins. There's nothing left to say here except to download the casino software if you want to play this game for a chance at real cash and prizes - is a Real Time Gaming slot, so you can't go wrong either way.