Mardi Gras Magic Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Carnival, Entertainment

Hailing all the way from New Orleans Louisiana by way of Haiti, we have the greatest party of the year in Mardi Gras! Specifically, Mardi Gras Magic Slots has all the spirit and verve of New Orleans transported to the digital medium for your enjoyment. It's got scatter symbols, wild symbols, zany symbols and more in your quest to land the top symbol combination payouts. The highest possible payout is 20,000 times your wager X.

As you will often hear from casino veterans from all around the town, the best way to maximize your potential for winning is to keep all 25 pay lines active for this slot in question. You can control your bankroll by choosing to alter the coin denominations played per line, but do not very the pay lines themselves between active and fixed (the choice is yours, of course, but this is a strategy for risk-takers). This type of gambling game is very much in the spirit of Mardi Gras, which goes back centuries before the sweet lullaby of the jazz musical art form was born in New Orleans. It is only fitting that some of the most beautiful woman in the world would congregate here and become scantily clad at a moments' notice once the sun rises to denote that Mardi Gras is once again here.

You may not care to know that this game is steeped deep in cultural lore; but you will not be able to escape the in game elements that are reminiscent of a simpler time before the coronavirus and economic shutdowns. Take some time off to enjoy this game and perhaps spin to win by downloading the casino software and making a deposit. You will be mesmerized by the parade floats sashaying across the screen as the reels whizzed by in hopes of delivering the symbol combinations you desire.

Mardi Gras Magic Is In the Air - Symbol Payouts Are Here!

Whenever the magical Carnival season of Mardi Gras arose around in St. Louis, Missouri, you can practically feel the magic in the air as the attire of the ladies of the night becomes more and more scarce and scantily-clad harlots prance around the city streets with reckless abandon. Real Time Gaming has got it all on display with this tasteful video pokey for your gaming pleasure in the online space. In this section, it is of particular interest to the real money players since the symbol combination payouts are here on display. Starting things off on the right foot we have the lovely salsa dancer with a pink brassiere. If five of a kind of the lovely salsa dancer with pink brassiere symbol shows up, then you win a delightful 5000 game credits in Mardi Gras Slots; if instead four of a kind of the lovely salsa dancer wearing a pink brassiere symbol appears, then your payout is 350 game credits; for three of a kind of the lovely salsa dancer wearing a pink brassiere icon you win 70 game credits and for two of this flighty bird of a woman you receive 10 game credits.

It's important to keep in mind that the flamingo salsa dancer symbol can function as a stack wild on the second, third and fourth reels to expand to cover the adjacent reels for an improved winning payout. Similarly, the colorful Flamingo Mardi Gras game symbol functions as a music bonus that pleasantly of salt sure is an delivers the goods as a scatter icon. Five of a kind of the Flamingo Mardi Gras game symbol scatters get you 100x whatever you wagered at the start; ask is the variable representing your wager. Four of a kind of the Flamingo Mardi Gras game icon is worth 10x your payout; three Flamingo Mardi Gras game symbols get you 3x payout and two of a kind of the Flamingo's Mardi Gras game emblem simply returned your payout to you - which would be your wager x.

The second symbol is a poncho wearing character blowing on a firework. If you land a handful of poncho wearing characters blowing on a firework icon your prize is 500 game credits in Mardi Gras Magic Slots from RTG; for poncho wearing characters blowing and a firecracker symbols get you 100 game credits, and three of a kind of the poncho wearing character blowing on a firework results in a 25 game credit payout. Similarly in terms of the payout scale, we have a pair of musical Macarena instruments and the drum set symbol; five of a kind of these together are worth 200 game credits; for musical Macarena instruments and a drum set symbol representation are worth 50 game credits, and three Macarena instruments and drum set symbols get you 15 game credits.

Apparently, the pink brassiere wearing lovely salsa-dancing lady symbol appears twice - at least, a photo of her pink brassiere represents a symbol all unto itself. Five of a kind of this one results in a 750 game credit payout; for pink brassiere photo opportunity symbols get you 150 game credits, three of a kind of the photographed pink brassiere symbols get you 30 game credits, and two pink brassiere symbols are worth 8 game credits.

Carnal Poker Card Symbols For Mardi Gras Magic Slots

The symbols from the poker game never miss an opportunity to creep into a 5 reel, 25 pay line video game pokey made by real Time gaming. Here is no different, and you can expect them to payout handsomely even though they are the lowest paying symbols in the game. We begin things with the Ace and the King poker suits; five of a kind of either of them appearing on the game board at the same time gives you 150 game credits; for of either the Ace or the King poker suits are worth 30 game credits, and three Ace or King poker suits get you 12 game credits on the payout lines. Remember, these translate to real money you download the casino software in make a deposit in order to play.

The Queen and the Jack symbols, if five of them show up simultaneously on the game board, get you slightly less at 100 game credits; four Jack or Queen symbols are worth 25 game credits, and these middle poker suits make for a good presentation if three of a kind appear and payout 10 game credits. Lastly we have the two usual suspects - the 9 in the 10 stragglers. If five of a kind of either of them descends onto the Mardi Gras game board, the prize is 75 game credits; for 9 or 10 poker number symbols deliver a 20 game credit reward, and three of a kind worth just seven game credits in Real Time Gaming's 25 pay lines Mardi Gras Magic Slots. The longer you wait in downloading, the more you missing out; it available for gaming right now at your favorite online casino, so download tonight.