Spring Wilds Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Holidays, Easter, Animals
All the seasons prescribed by the tilt of Earth's axis are wonderful in their own right; but there's just something about spring! It's a time of love blooming, flowers blossoming, butterflies, critters and creatures giving vent to their places in the world. Real Time Gaming's Spring Wilds Slots captures the essence of the season before summer very well. The game itself has three top bonus symbols that are capable of enhancing any of the wins that luck bestows upon you. The first of the symbols the Spring Wilds Substitute icon, which is represented by a colorful blue square box with Wild entitled inside. It is capable of making a substitution for any other symbol in the game except for the other two bonus icons; additionally, the Wild only appears on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels during any round of gameplay.

The second bonus symbol that rebuffs any of the Wilds attempts at symbol replacement is the Colored Vase scatter; it has several gold chunks inside and is clear to the naked eye. Its base power is to deliver a payout that is a multiple of your wager in the real money game. If you land three scattered Colored Vase symbols you simply win whatever you wagered back. If you land four Colored Vase scatter symbols you win 10x, and if you land the maximum allowed amount of five Colored Vase icons you win 25x. The scatter symbol also opens up the path to the Free Games bonus Feature in this Pokey. If you get three Colored Base scatter symbols on the reels simultaneously you win 10 Free Games; if you land for Color Vase icons at the same time you win 15 Free Games; and lastly if you land a full house of five of a kind of the Colored Vase scatter icons you get in extra 25 Free Games.

There is a unique third attribute known as the Bonus Wilds symbol in this game. It is capable of paying down a hefty amount, and if at least six of the Spring Wilds Bonus symbol show up all over the reels, then you will re-trigger the Free Games attribute with a new bonus called the Lucky Streak Re-spin. If you happen to get lucky enough to land seven Spring Wilds Bonus symbols on the reels you win 10 coins in addition to the Lucky Streak feature; if you land eight Spring Wilds icons you win 20 coins, nine Spring Wilds symbols get you 25 coins, 10 Spring Wilds icons are worth 40 coins, 11 Spring Wilds icons deliver a 60 coins payout, 12 Spring Wilds icons are worth 80 coins, 13 Spring Wilds symbols get you 100 coins, 14 Spring Wilds icons deliver 200 coins, and the maximum number of 15 solid Spring Wilds symbols are worth an impressive 400 coin payout.

More On Spring Wild Features

As has been made clear to this point, Spring Wilds Slots is a decisively Easter-themed pokey that makes you reminisce about the long gone (or coming, depending on the time of the year is when you read this review) festivities of the best season of the four. The fact that it is bigger than the standard size with its blazing 5 reels and 25 pay lines makes for a ravishing long night of pristine play on your mobile device or desktop computer. The cute, furry Easter-themed symbols on the reels are attended with a multitude of free spins and respins, as well as bonus feature second be unlocked using the wild and scatter icons in combination with the regular character symbols. The colors are vivid and eye-catching; a whole lot of effort went into the graphics, clearly.

As for the symbols, which we promise to get into shortly in this review, they include Easter eggs, tasty Easter treats, the results of Easter treasure hunts glittering all about the verdant green grass, and the female Piglet and her Chickadee friend dancing all over the reels. You will enjoy seeing the Spring Wilds Game Emblem since it serves as the Bonus symbol and can trigger the Lucky Streak Bonus Feature if it descends onto the reels at least six times simultaneously. The other symbols will become locked in place as the wins ratchet up to a number that surpasses your approval – which can be especially lucrative if you chose to download the casino software and play for real money.

Finally – The Spring Wild Pokey Paytable

In this version of the RTG Spring Wilds Slots pay table in terms of the symbol combinations, will start with the lower paying symbols in workup to the highest paying character symbols on the reels. First off, then, there are the usual suspects from the world's most famous table game: we begin with both the 9 in the 10; if you are fortunate enough to land five of a kind of the turquoise striped 9 symbol or the alternating candy cane strike 10 symbol, then your payout is 30 coins. If instead you land four of a kind of the turquoise striped 9 symbol or four of a kind of the alternating candy cane strike 10 symbol, then your payout drops down to 10 coins. The last recorded payout for this particular set of symbols is three of a kind giving way to a 5 coin payout.

Now we come to the poker letter suits in the game: first let's tackle the jellybean flavored Joker symbol and the sea green Queen suits; five of a kind of either one of them results in a 50 coin recompense on the pay lines. If you land four of a kind of either the jellybean flavored Joker suit or the sea green colored Queen suits, you receive 15 coins. And for those symbols three of a kind still get you a solid 5 coins. As we get ready to exit the poker card suits payouts, we have the final two – which of the highest paying ones in this section: the starburst King suits and the pink cotton candy Ace suits; five of a kind of the starburst King or the cotton candy Ace get you and exorbitant 75 coin payout; four of a kind of the King or the Ace symbols are worth 25 coins, and three of either of them still get you the same old 5 coins.

Now we get to the extremely cute and fuzzy character symbols in Spring Wilds Pokey. The lowest paying ones will go first, and with that we start with the Clueless Chickadee symbol which is as cute as a button. Five of a kind of the Clueless looking Chickadee symbol is worth 100 coins, four of a kind of the Clueless Chickadee symbol get you 30 coins, and three Clueless Chickadee symbols in the game delivers a 10 coin payout to your casino account for later withdrawal. Coming in slightly ahead of this in value is the Quizzical Sheep symbol; five of a kind of the Quizzical Sheep symbol get you 150 coins, four of a kind of the Quizzical Sheep symbol get you 35 coins, and three Quizzical Sheep symbols in the game get you 10 coins.

The last two champion symbols are as follows: here, we read off with the Pensive Pig symbol, which for five of a kind on the reels gives you 750 coins. If you land four of a kind of the Pensive Pig you still get 50 coins, and three Pensive Pig symbols gets the player 35 coins. The final symbol in the queue is the Alert Alpine Puppy; five Alpine Puppy symbols get you 800 big ones; for of a kind of the Alpine Puppy symbol get you 100 big ones, and three Alpine Puppy symbols in Spring Wilds Slots are worth 25 coins. To truly experience everything that this Pokey has to offer, it is recommended that you download today, keep all pay lines active and use a small coin denomination to get the biggest bang for your buck. Alternatively, you can also just play for fun using Flash in a supported browser.