Lovable Pets Slots

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bonus, video, 6-reel

You probably have a ton of items and chores on your to-do list, lots of places to go and errands to run and messages to answer and enough stuff to make you feel totally overwhelmed. You probably don't get a lot of time to enjoy just having fun and seeing something cute. Well, Lovable Pets Slots is full of brightness and color and tons of cuteness. Take the time to play and slow down for a little while.

The Design

So if you had to define the word adorable for someone without using any more words to do it, you'd show them Loveable Pets Slots. The game board is bright and colorful, with reels that have no background. It's a pretty countryside on a sunny day, exactly the kind of place you might want to escape to on those ugly, gray days you have to face.

The Reels

This slots game has six reels and four rows that appear as little circles and familiar shapes. The reels are full of cute, adorable little pets. You will see fish, kittens, puppies and more, along with certain images associated with them. Bold shades of royal blue, bright purple, shamrock green and ruby red fill up the game board as the reels spin around and around.

How to Win

With every single spin, there are 4,096 ways to win. You will see many bonus features, including extras like 7x multipliers and wild card scatter symbols. Use the speed button to adjust how quickly the reels turn around. You can also use the auto-spin function to make the reels go around and around without your input.

Loving This Slots Game

The lovable pets, the pretty colors and the many different ways to win are plenty of reasons to love this game. The more you watch the reels spin and see all the cuteness on the screen, the easier it is to keep playing this game and escape all the gray realities of the world for a little while. Brighten your day and have some fun every time you play.

Playing Lovable Pets Slots

With thousands of ways to win and lots of beautiful graphics and colors to enjoy, it's easy to have fun playing Lovable Pets Slots. Now, find out if it will also be easy for you to win. Even if you don't, you will enjoy bright colors, pretty graphics and fast-paced, exciting gameplay.