Snowmania Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Christmas, Winter, Holidays

One thing you should know is that there are no active pay lines possible in Snowmania Slots, which means that every single one of the 20 lines are fixed. Although this gives you less variability, you stand a chance of winning a lot more without necessarily increasing your risk if you wager a low coin denominations on each one of the pay lines. This game has got scatter symbols, wild symbols, prize multipliers and opportunities for free spins embedded inside the symbol combinations and Bonus Features. Best of all - and of interest to real money players of course - is the fact that you can win up to 37,500 times whatever you wagered at the start of the game. The only requirement here is to have downloaded the casino software instead of playing the in-browser Flash version for free.

Another nifty feature in the game is the fact that the icons are encased in ice blocks that smash open when you land a winning combination with great aplomb. Should you be fortunate enough to get some prize multipliers, then you will notice that your winnings are multiplied by a factor of two the first time the ice block smashes open to reveal your symbol combination. The second time this happens, your prize multiplier is 3x and after three or more ice crush crashes to reveal winning combinations, the prize multiplier is stuck at 5x. In yet another one of the numerous Bonus Features in Snowmania Slots by Real Time Gaming, you can get gifts unwrapped automatically in either the right or left directions. When this happens, you automatically trigger at least 10 free spins. It turns out that these free spins can be re-triggered for even more winnings even as you're in the midst of one of them. The prize multipliers really start adding up by a factor of 3x first, and then the next win enjoys a prize multiplier of 6x, and then you will see it jump up to a prize multiplier of 9x, and finally the biggest prize multiplier in the game for this particular bonus feature is 15x.

Special Bonus Symbols in Snowmania Magic

As usual, you can expect special bonus symbols to really ratchet up your prize opportunities in the game. The first one that will touch on is the Icecap Wild, which is a substitute icon that you will only find on the second, third or fourth reels when it does appear. This Icecap Wild has a very important attribute that it can replace virtually any other icon in the game to help complete a winning pay line; the only icon that it cannot replace is the Snowmania Scatter symbol which brings a host of multipliers and free spins when it landing quantity.

Somewhat uniquely, there's another bonus symbol in the game known as the Snowmania Presents icon. This one also doubles as the much more standard Scatter symbol, and repels the Icecap Wild symbol if it appears and tries to replace it - which it cannot. If you managed to land a minimum of three of a kind in either the left to right direction or the right to left direction, then you activate the Free Games Bonus Feature.

Lastly for the special bonus attributes in Snowmania Slots, we have something called the Morphed Magic Attribute. The gist of this is a prize multiplier that continues to add up like an energy gauge that will eventually release upon the right win after you make a spin. If you keep on winning during this same spin, then the Morphed Magic Attribute keeps on adding numerals to the multiplier. Play the game to see how all this plays out in your favor.

Snowmania Slots: Winter Magic Symbols

Snowmania Pokey is really getting into the winter holiday groove with this 5 reel video Slots that's filled to the brim with gifts for the Christmas holiday season. Starting things off admirably, they've got a Crumpled Stocking Stuffer filled with strap candy canes of various colors - including Wintergreen, spearmint green, candy red, and cerulean blue. If you are lucky enough to get five of a kind of the Crumpled Stocking Stuffer symbol on the reels at the same time, then all these collections of candy canes return a 2500 game credit payout for the real money player. If you land for of a kind of the Crumpled Stocking Stuffer filled with various strap candy cane symbols you win 250 game credits, and for the final symbol combination payout still need three of a kind of the Crumpled Stocking Stuffer symbol to receive 50 game credits.

Yet another of the high-paying icons in Snowmania Slots is the Chiming Christmas Bell; five such Charming Christmas Bell symbols return a 1000 game credit reward for the real money game are, whereas four of a kind of the Chiming Christmas Bell symbol get you 100 game credits, and three Chiming Christmas Bell symbols are worth 20 game credits into your casino account. Adjacent to this is the Royal Purple Fireworks symbol wrapped with a gold star: five of a kind of the Royal Purple Fireworks icon are worth 300 game credits; for of a kind of the Royal Purple Fireworks symbol gets the player 50 game credits, and three Royal Purple Fireworks symbols are worth 12 game credits.

Going on down the list the final none other than St. Nick's red and white beanie as the fourth symbol in the game. If you find five of a kind of St. next red and white beanie symbols you win 150 game credits; four of a kind of St. Nick's red and white beanie icons are worth 25 game credits, and three St. Nick's red and white beanies are worth 10 game credits. Worth a similar value is the Icy Turnip symbol; five of a kind of the Icy Turnip icon get you 100 game credits; for of a kind of the Icy Turnip symbols get you 20 game credits, and three of a kind of the Icy Turnips icon are worth 5 game credits.

Are you a fan of baked cake goodies? If you are, then try not to salivate at the Bitten Gingerbread Man symbol; somebody's already gotten to it before you anyway. Five of a kind of the Bitten Gingerbread Man icon are worth 75 game credits, four of a kind of the Bitten Gingerbread Man symbol get you 15 game credits, and three Bitten Gingerbread Man are worth 4 game credits on the payout reels. The final symbol in the game are the Christmas Mistletoe Berries; five Christmas Mistletoe Berries symbols are worth 50 game credits, four Christmas Mistletoe Berries symbols get you 10 game credits, and three of a kind of the Christmas Mistletoe Very symbols are worth 3 game credits. This frigid Slots from Real Time Gaming really gives you a chance to take home something special if you can just get lucky; download tonight.