Rudolph Awakens Slots

Rudolph Awakens Slots
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5-reel, video, bonus
Holidays, Christmas, Winter

The world-famous holiday of Christmas is not yet come around (unless you happen to be reading this in November or December, of course) but that would never stop Real Time Gaming from releasing their eponymous Rudolph Awakens Slots at which the Christmas theme is central. In fact, the reason they did this is because it is the third installment in a very successful franchise featuring Santa Claus, the warring elves, and the complicit reindeer. They've managed to bring all of this together in a very fun and amusing pokey that has the obligatory 5 reels and 30 active pay lines that are indicative of a large slot. The volatility is average, which means that you have a pretty good chance of winning large sums of money if you get lucky and download the casino software.

Some of the attributes of Rudolph Awakens Slots are the excellent graphics and lightning-fast gameplay on your mobile device or Windows desktop computer. Of course, the Christmas theme may be in added bonus if you care about things like that. The 30 pay lines mean that there are many different ways you can win, since you can choose to keep as many or as few pay lines active as you wish. You will encounter substitute symbols, bonus game icons, sticky Wilds, free games and a relatively new feature called "nudges". There is free play available in the no-download Flash version that works with the Mozilla Firefox or the Google Chrome browser's. If you favor Apple iOS, then you can also use Flash to play for free in the Safari browser.

Rudolph Awakens Wagering Details and More

As for the wagering details, the lowest amount you can put per line is $0.01; the maximum allowed wagering coin denominations is $1.00 per line - keep in mind that these lines are adjustable, as this is a variable pay line game. If you manage to land some scatter symbols during any regular round of play, then you can activate a host of free spins and/or free games. The rewards are huge if you managed to get some, and apparently Mrs. Santa Claus is warring against Mr. Santa Claus in what looks to be the traditional divorce, as the elves and Rudolph gather around and landed their allegiance to their favorite North Pole gift giver. The sticky Wilds when combined with the scatter can deliver 10 free games, and any other combination pays in the left to right reading direction. The top jackpot is an amazing 50,000x; with the variable x representing whatever you wagered at the beginning of the game.

Rudolph Awakens Special Bonus Icons - Wilds

Rudolph Awakens Slots is a Christmas-themed game from one of the top casino games maker's in the online space: Real Time Gaming. In this relatively short section, we will go through the top bonus symbols in the game that truly help enhance your symbol combination payouts (when it comes to the normal symbols that are to come). The first one is a substituting wild symbol that takes the form of and exuberant Penguin symbol; it can replace almost any other symbol in this Pokey except for the other wild/substitute and the mixed wild symbol. If you land five of a kind of the exuberant Penguin symbol on the reels at the same time, then your payout is a whopping 2000 game credits; if you land for of a kind of the exuberant Penguin wild symbol you win instead 600 game credits. For three exuberant Penguin substitute symbols the prizes 300 game credits, and for two exuberant Penguin Wilds you win just 20 game credits.

The next wild symbol in the game is the happy red hat Penguin symbol. If you land five happy red hat Penguin symbols simultaneously then you win 2000 game credits. If instead just for red hat Penguin substitute symbols appear, you win 600 credits in the game; three red hat Penguin substitute symbols get you 300 game credits, and two Red Hat Penguin substitute symbols are worth a 20 game credit reward credited to your bank account. Remember, you only truly win game credits if you downloaded the software, created an account and made a deposit.

The final special bonus symbol in the game is actually a concoction of the two previous symbols: basically, you can think of it as a Mixed Wild. Should they appear together, in a symbol combination payout run of five of a kind, then the prizes 1000 game credits. If the Wilds show up amongst four of a kind of the regular game symbols, then the prizes 400 game credits. For three Wild Penguin symbols to show up among the character symbols, your prize is 200 game credits, and for two Wild symbols you win 10 game credits.

Rudolph Awakens Slots Icon Payouts per Symbol Combination

Now we get to the meat of the Slots the symbol combination payouts in Rudolph Awakens. The very first one is none other than the jolly red giant himself, Center Cars; he's looking pretty grim these days, given that his kingdom is a house divided against itself. And as you will know a kingdom divided against itself is rendered unto desolation, and a house divided against itself cannot stand. With that said, if you manage to land five of a kind of the grim-looking Center Clause symbol on the Rudolph Awakens Slots game board, you win a 2000 game credit reward. If instead you land for of a kind of the Center Clause grim-beard symbol, then your prize is 300 game credits; for three grim-looking Santa Claus symbols you win 30 coins, and two Center Class symbols are worth just a handful of coins (5).

The next relatively high-paying icon is represented by a warlike penguin symbol; he looks to have a rocket attached to his back, which means he means business! If five such armored penguin symbols appear simultaneously, then your payout is 1000 game credits; four penguins armed to the teeth against their former master Santa Claus are worth 200 game credits; three of a kind of the armored penguin symbols get you 25 game credits, and two penguin icons are worth three game credits.

The other two character symbols in the game are also the lowest paying ones. The first one is a seriously disagreeable reindeer; he's armed to the teeth and on a mission to take out the big red head honcho. Five of a kind of the gangster reindeer symbol get you 500 game credits; for gangster reindeer icons are worth 100 game credits, three of a kind of the gangster reindeer symbol get you 20 game credits, and two reindeer icons are worth two game credits. The second of the two is a very vivacious and busty Mrs. Santa Claus - she is clearly looking to monkey-branch to a younger lad with resources and tires of being Santa Claus's concubine. If five of a kind of Mrs. Santa Claus appears on the reels at the same time, you win 300 game credits; four Mrs. Santa Claus symbols get you 50 game credits, three of a kind of the Mrs. Santa Claus icon are worth 15 game credits, and two busty Mrs. Santa Claus symbols are worth two coins.

Now we get to the very last symbols in the game, which are the time-tested poker card jackets. In Rudolph Awakens Slots, the Ace symbol and the King symbol have the same symbol combination payout values. If five of a kind of either of these descend on the spinning reels, the prize is 200 game credits; if four of a kind of the Ace or the King jackets descend onto the reels the prizes 30 game credits, and three Ace symbols or three King symbols get you 10 game credits. Next we have the Queen standing alone; five Queen symbols are worth 120 game credits, for Queen symbols get you 20 game credits, and three Queen jackets from the table game poker are worth 5 game credits. The exact same payouts attend the Joker or the Jack jacket. The final paying jackets in the game are the 10 and the 9; five of either are worth 100 game credits, for 10 symbols or for 9 jackets are worth 15 game credits, and three of a kind are worth 3 game credits.

Don't hesitate to download Rudolph Awakens Slots to enjoy the best that Real Time Gaming has to offer this year.