Merlin's Riches Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Fantasy, Magic

For centuries, people have heard about the legend of King Arthur and his knights of the round table his beautiful Camelot and his reputation for being just and fair. But the most famous part of King Arthur's story is that of Merlin. This is the mystical wizard who guided the king on his way. Merlin's Riches Slots honors this part of the famous story and the famous character who will always be the most interesting part of the Arthurian legend.

Heading Into Camelot

The background of the game is King Arthur's kingdom, a beautiful land full of mountains and cliffs and of course, a castle that looks enchanted and magical. After all, this is where Merlin dwells so of course it's magical. Waterfalls and sunbeams gently move behind the reels.

And on the reels, you will find many images associated with King Arthur and the fantasy world he inhabits.

The Reels of the Round Table

As the reels of the game spin, you will see the famed sword in the stone, the lovely Queen Guinevere and King Arthur himself. You may also see a dragon and some special symbols. If you do, you will get even bigger wins.

There are 25 pay lines on the game board across five reels and four rows. That means you have lots and lots of different ways to win every single time you make the reels spin.

Feeling Lucky

When you're feeling lucky, click the Buy Feature button to play the bonus game. You will win free spins, which you can play or gamble to get more free spins. Once your free spins start, you will get more opportunities to win and make money. This mini-game offers a little break in the excitement. With this mini-game feature, you have a slightly different way to play the game.

Playing the Game

The animations for this game are fast so everything feels very action-packed. The colors are beautiful, with lots of silver and gold and beautiful, glowing jewel tones that really create the look of King Arthur's world. The different shades and the designs all come together beautifully to draw you in and keep you feeling enchanted.

Will the forces of good overpower evil and help you win a lot of money?

Finding Merlin's Riches Slots

If you're ready to join the powers of Camelot and look for Merlin's Riches, look for this slots game at online casinos. Many online casinos that carry popular slots games will have Merlin's Riches Slots. Look for it and find the riches you seek.