It’s a Mystery! Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive

You know how the story goes. It's a dark night, sinister and evil...and someone's just been murdered. The killer is in plain sight, hidden among an eccentric group of strange and suspicious characters. And this is the setting of It's a Mystery! Slots. This is a mystery game and a slots game and you are here to answer the question: can you make lots of money playing?

Studying the Board

And now for one of the keystone elements of any good murder mystery: the setting. With It's a Mystery! Slots, you will be looking at a bright and colorful game board made up of five reels and three rows. You will clearly see the many different pay lines, up to 24 in all, along the sides of the board. And on the reels themselves, the mystery will play out. Each new spin is just another chapter unfolding in your quest to get a whole lot of money.

On the Reels

The five reels display many different symbols that tell the tale of a beautiful manor house with a perfectly-kept lawn and several shady characters who just might be up to no good. You will see them all exquisitely portrayed in vivid colors that create a rainbow as the reels spin. And each time they spin, you have another chance to win big. After all, someone has died in this grand home. That means there is a fortune to be made for someone.

The Jackpots

One thing will not be a mystery while you are playing this slots game. That's the two jackpots, which you will always see at the time of the game board. The minor jackpot starts at $100 and grows and grows until, randomly, someone hits it. The major jackpot begins at $1,000 and it just gets bigger and bigger until someone wins.

That sweetens things up a bit, doesn't it? Sweet victory could be yours at any moment if you hit the jackpot and win big money.

The Guarantee

The beautiful colors, the gameplay, even the jackpots are features you might find in other slots games. But how many other slots games give you a guaranteed win? When you spin the reels 150 times without a feature win, the guarantee kicks in and you get a bonus no matter what.

Playing to Win

There are win symbols, a mystery scatter symbol and a puzzle bonus feature, all of which you might hit at any time. Combined with the many different pay lines, you have a lot of different ways to win when you play It's a Mystery! Slots.