Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet

Today, there are lots of online casinos that accept Bitcoin. Cafe Casino is one of the biggest and best examples of such a website. If you are keen to play there while using Bitcoin for your banking requirements, you can find everything you need on the site. They have many useful articles and videos covering the process, including setting up your Bitcoin wallet.

However, you don't need to head to Café Casino to find out how to do that. You can instead learn more by reading our handy guide right here.

It's free to get a Bitcoin wallet

This part of the process doesn't cost anything. You've also got plenty to choose from. The first thing to think about is how and where you'd like to use your wallet. Think about where you are most likely to need it. Do you play casino games on your tablet or smartphone? If so, make sure you download an app you can use on one of those devices. Alternatively, get one designed for a desktop computer if you only ever play casino games on there.

You can also get a hardware wallet. This means you'll need to buy the hardware to store your coins on. Think of it like a hard drive - a physical drive - for your documents, rather than keeping them in the cloud.

You'll store your Bitcoin inside the wallet, so it makes sense to set up the right one from the start. If you choose a mobile wallet, make sure you get one designed for your operating system - normally either Android or iOS. Some wallets have also been designed with new users in mind.

Download the app or software for your wallet

You'll do this on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, depending on which one you chose. Each Bitcoin wallet has its own unique address. This is the address you will use when sending Bitcoin to your casino account. It's also the address you need to use when requesting a withdrawal from that account.

This address is also referred to as your public key. If you want someone to send you Bitcoin, you'll need to let them have your public key.

Find your private key

Think of this as the key to your wallet. You should be the only person who knows the key. It's the same as the passcode you use with a card to get cash out of an ATM. Giving someone else access to your private key is the same as handing over your card and passcode.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your private key safe and known only to you. It's like the key to your home. Let someone else have it and you're letting them in… to take whatever they like.

The key is 256-bits long, made from upper and lowercase letters and a mix of numbers. You don't create it yourself - you're allocated a random key when you open your wallet. Incidentally, your public key is created the same way, but it is different to the public one.

How can you tell the two keys apart?

It's important to know this as you don't want to accidentally let someone else have your private key. Here is the uncomplicated way to remember it:

  • Public key - always begins with the number 1
  • Private key - always begins with the number 5

Get that straight in your mind and make sure you don't mix them up! Once you have got this information, you can use your public key to buy Bitcoin and have them sent to your wallet. From there, you can decide to deposit some Bitcoin in your casino account whenever you are ready to play.