Trigger Happy Slots

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5-reel, video, progressive
Wild West, American, Regional
The numbers are in, and they show that you simply cannot go wrong with a pokey that has a Western theme. There’s just something about the shoot ‘em up template that gets the creative juices flowing, and online casino gamers in eligible nations around the planet hop on to give them a spin. The one in question here is Real Time Gaming’s Trigger Happy Slots, which is a progressive pokey that has a very attractive 5 reels and 30 paylines over which to ply your gaming skills. Keep in mind that it is a game of chance, and in order to play for a chance at the prizes and cash inside, you will have to download the casino software and make a deposit (after you create a password and username). To play for free or just to see the graphics and get a hang of the gameplay, you can activate the Flash option for any eligible browser. This includes Chrome, Safari and Firefox on mobile or Windows on your desktop computer.

The next order of business concerns mainly the real money player: it is possible to win gorgeous amounts of money aside from the progressive jackpot. One example of this is the top-paying non-bonus icon that delivers a whopping multiple of your wager when the right symbol combination appears on the reels. The Return to Player value of Trigger Happy Slots is slated to make you positively trigger-happy: it is an impressive 95%. As for the progressive jackpots we mentioned, the first one is the Minor – it is worth $250 at the base amount. The more considerable Major Jackpot is worth over $5,000 and can, just like the Minor variant, be won on any random spin. You will later learn that the random scatters unlock free spins galore, which serve to extend your game and potentially your winning streak.

Trigger Happy Bonus Bombs – the Wild and the Scatter

There are a couple of gun-toting beauties in Real Time Gaming's Trigger Happy Slots – and were going to find out what they're all about in the special bonus region of this 5 reel, 30 pay line pokey. This game is all about choice, and you get to choose between a Redhead Cowgirl and a Blonde Cowgirl to unlock the treasures within. The first one is the Redhead Cowgirl, and she is responsible for the eponymous feature; the bonus that carries her name will activate when she replaces one of the scatter symbols during a free games run or when she expands to cover the first reel during a free games run. The Blonde Cowgirl Feature is a bonus that will expand to encompass the fifth reel during your run of free games, or she can also simply ops to cover the fourth reel as well as the fifth reel during the free games run.

Before we get into the specific benefits that the scatter symbol releases in terms of the symbol combination payouts, as a summary: you can win seven free games when at least three of a kind of the Scatter symbols in Trigger Happy Slots show up on the reels in any order during a regular round of play. It is at this point that you get to choose either the Blonde Cowgirl or the Redhead Cowgirl is a free games progress. Although two options exist in the game, you only get to pick one of the bonuses and claimant as a reward. Additionally, a minimum of three of a kind of the scatter symbols were show up supply you with a further 5 free games; all of which can only be played at the start of the wagering for the triggering game.

All this talk about the scatter symbol and you still don't even know which character represents it! Well let's fix that – the scatter symbol in Trigger Happy Slots is a silver-toned sheriffs badge with the word "Scatter" emblazoned in yellow gold across it from end to end. Five scattered silver-toned sheriffs badge symbols get you 100x as a prize; for silver-toned sheriffs badge scatter symbols are worth 10x, and three of the silver Scatter badge get you 2x. As you can see, all of the scatter wins are multiplied by the wagering variable x.

Trigger Happy Slots Icon Payouts

Wherever you see two lovely Cowgirls, you are almost certain to see a handsome and debonair young man. The only difference in the traditional calculus of male-female relationships here is that the girls are chasing the guy. As such this first of the regular symbols is very valuable and is represented by a tall, dark, and handsome cowboy with a wide-brimmed brown hat. For five of a kind of the handsome cowboy symbol, your prize is 500 game credits; for of the tall, dark and handsome cowboy with wide-brimmed hat icon is worth 200 game credits, and three handsome cowboy's get you 50 game credits.

Next we run smack into the mid-value paying symbols, beginning with the bit-horse; five of a kind of the bit-horse symbol is worth 300 game credits; for of a kind of the bit-horse icon is worth 100 game credits, and three bit-horse symbols are worth 50 game credits in Trigger Happy Slots. The second member of this lofty crew is the old-fashioned town bar; five of these are worth 250 game credits, four of a kind of the old-fashioned town bar icon get you 75 game credits, and three town bar symbols are worth 25 game credits.

Completing this section of the character symbols, we start with the silver-star cowboy boots colored brown; which five silver-star brown cowboy boots symbols are worth 200 game credits, for silver-star brown cowboy boots get you 50 game credits, and three silver-star brown cowboy boots ensure a payout of 10 game credits. The purple-rose green cactus symbol is the last one before the poker card jackets; five green cacti get you 200 game credits, four flower green cacti symbols get you 50 game credits, and three green cacti symbols get you 10 game credits.

And finally, we present the poker card jackets starting with the Ace, Queen and King; five of a kind of these poker card jackets get you 120 game credits; for of these poker card jackets get you 40 game credits, and three of these poker card jackets get you a credits. The second set consists of the 9, the 10, and the Jack symbols; five of a kind of the lowest-paying poker card jackets get you 100 game credits, four of the 9, 10 or Jack poker card jackets get you 30 game credits, and three are worth 5 game credits. You have the option to play Trigger Happy Slots for free or for real money; in the latter all you have to do is download now and offer a deposit which will be matched by the Welcome Bonus of that particular online casino.