Swindle all the Way Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Christmas, Crime, Holidays

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is - you can play the Christmas-themed Swindle All the Ways Slots from Real Time Gaming at any time of the year! Old St. Nick is back in town after his wonderful journey around the world, delivering presents to kids and ponying up (more reindeer-up) his resources to give us adults an even better prize. The only catch is that it doesn't matter if we've been naughty or nice in order to receive a gift; but rather, if Lady Luck has us in her rolodex.

With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Swindle All the Way Slots has many different ways to win, which is of course a bonus for you real money slot-players. This entails 729 possible symbol combination payouts, which we will get to in a summary later on in this review - dedicated to its own section. The minimum number of symbol combos for which there's a payout is 3, and the maximum number is of course 5; the game helps you reach these goals with dynamic aid in the form of multipliers and free spins (the latter is courtesy of the scatter icon).

You should be advised that every single one of the 25 paylines in Swindle All the Way Slots are active - which means you cannot vary them as you can in other pokeys. However, there are plenty of coin denominations from which to pick, so you can wager as little as $0.25 to smooth out the betting. As will be shown later, the Substitute Crook icon can really ratchet up your loot collection, depending on the character of the other symbol combos that it supplants. If the reels swing your way, you could very well be logging off with 2500x your wager at the betting lines.

Before we get into the symbols and paytable, be advised that this is a high volatility pokey with an exact Return to Player (RTP) value of 98.5. There are Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and Multipliers. The top payout in the game amounts to 82,500 coins, and the free spins come courtesy of lining up the right number of scatters.

The Swindle All the Way Slots Scatter and Wild Tandem

Without further due, we present to you the top special symbols in the game - which are often regarded as bonus symbols that exist to indubitably enhance the payouts prescribed by the symbol combinations of the regular symbols to come. I know that a mouthful, but these Slots compel me to speak with verve and flair just-in-time for the holiday season. The first one is the substitute symbol, and is displayed using a portrait of two N. Pole thieves. As you can expect, they are dressed to the hilt infernos, scarves, sashes and thick winter jackets. For five of a kind of these North Pole thieves on the reels, you win a nifty 2500 coins on the pay reels. If four of a kind of the North Pole thieves show up in Swindle All the Way Slots, then your payout is 750 coins in the real money game (you still get 750 coins in the Flash version, but this is fun money that cannot be used outside of the virtual space). If three N. Pole thieves appear you win 75 coins, and two N. Pole thieves substitute symbols get you 10 coins. Incidentally, the wild symbol will replace any non-scatter icon to complete a winning pay line for the win.

The second bonus symbol in this special game is the Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblem. As a preface, you should know that the scatter icon has the special attributes that all associated wins are multiplied by your complete wager at the start of the game. Therefore, five of a kind of the Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblem is worth 250x in your bank account; four of a kind of the Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblem gets you 3x and pays out any which way they appear; lastly three of a kind of the Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblem gets you 2x.

This game gives you many little gifts here and there, most of which come in the form of how many of the robbers you find tucked away in the reels somewhere. For example, if you find zero robbers and managed to land three of a kind of the scattered Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblem, you win a 1x multiplier along with three free games. In a similar vein at the next level, four of a kind of the Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblem guarantees five free games and a 1x multiplier. Finally for zero robbers discovered but five Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblems scattered about on the reels simultaneously, you win 10 free games along with a 3x multiplier. These numbers can get really egregious is the gamers on; for example, if you find all 10 available robbers on the reels, you can win an incredible 35 free games along with a 11 x multiplier for four of a kind of the Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblem. The highest value in the game comes with, again, 10 robbers discovered and a handful of Swindle All the Way mistletoe emblem signs on the board at the same time: 60 free games can be yours along with a 33x multiplier!

Swindling Symbol Combo Paytable Values

The first of the regular icons in the game is a brown disgruntled herbivore known as a reindeer; he is responsible - along with his familial compatriots - for pulling along Santa Claus is jolly fat butt in a sleigh across the frigid North Pole terrain. If five Brown herbivore symbol show up, your prize is 2000 coins; if four of a kind of the disgruntled brown reindeer symbols appear you win 500 coins, three of the strikingly-Rudolph-look-alike symbols appear then you win 50 coins, and for two brown disgruntled herbivore symbols the prizes 5 coins. The next icon of considerable value is the lumpy Loot sack; it looks like its field with presents for the children that have been nice instead of 90. Five of a kind of the lumpy red Loot sack symbol get you 1000 coins, four of a kind of the lumpy red Loot sack icon is worth 200 coins, three lumpy red Loot sack symbols get you 20 coins, and two of a kind of the lumpy red Loot sack is worth 5 coins.

When you were growing up you may have had a stocking for dad filled with Christmas gifts; the head of the Swindle All the Way Slots family is apparently a man named (Rich); five of Riches stocking get you 500 coins; for of the man named rich stocking symbol get you 125 coins, three Rich stocking is worth 15 coins, and for two of them you win just 2 coins. The next collection of symbols includes a picture of warm milk, a cookie with chocolate stains and a cherry red mill, a local newspaper magazine, and a thank you note for Santa. When I can go through every single one of these many symbols again so just keep in mind that five of a kind of any of them is worth 250 coins; four of any of Santa symbols are worth 30 coins, and three of the of fore-mentioned symbols delivers a 10 coins payout on the pay lines.

The final symbols in the game are all-too-familiar for you fervent online casino gamers when it comes to video Slots: the poker symbols. If you get either the Ace, the King, or the Queen poker symbols five times on the reels you win 150 coins. If you get either of these four times on the reels you win 20 coins, and if you get them three times on the reels you win 5 coins. The second and final assortment of symbols includes the Joker, the 9 of the 10. For five of any of the ones we just mentioned you win 75 coins, four of the final set up poker symbols get you 12 coins, and three of any of them delivers a 5 coin payout. What are you waiting for? Swindle All the Way Slots is waiting in the wings at your favorite online casino - download today and make a deposit to play for real.