Spinfinity Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Spinfinity Casino

Spinfinity Casino has some exceptional features, including no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and cryptocurrency bonuses.

Does Spinfinity Offer a No Deposit Bonus Code

  • Players will receive 50 free spins no deposit bonus on Mardi Gras Slots. Use code Magic50.
  • Players will receive 30 free spins no deposit bonus on Football Fortunes Slots. Use code FORTUNE30.

What is the Welcome Bonus at Spinfinity Casino

  • WELCOME BONUS: $9000
  • 300% match deposit bonus. $35 minimum required. Slot games. Use three times only.
  • 500% Cryptocurrency Special Bonus.
  • 200% QB Direct Bonus.

Playing Slots Without Max Betting

What is max betting? Whenever you play a slot game, you'll get access to a range of wagers. While you might occasionally see a slot with just one available wager (say a dollar per spin, for example), this is rare. It is far more likely you'll see a range of available bets you can place on that game.

The highest possible bet is referred to as the maximum bet - or simply the max bet. Some games have a button alongside the other game controls that says MAX BET. This allows you to hit the button and play that wager without scrolling through the other values to reach it.

But do you need to play slots with the maximum bet in play? No - and once you have read our article, you may decide it is better to avoid this choice anyway. Curious? Keep reading.

What is max betting?

This simply means you are making the biggest possible wager on each spin of the reels. Various other bets are usually available, but if you go for this one, you've reached the maximum available level.

What happens if you wager less than the maximum?

Your budget is going to go further for starters, and we explain more about this below. However, the prizes for each possible winning combination will be lower too. It's important to recognize this. Of course, there is never any guarantee of winning any prize, whether it is small or large.

What are the advantages of playing slots without max betting?

You may be surprised at how many players keep their bets far below the maximum permissible amount for any game they choose. The major advantage of taking this tack is that you'll make any budget you play with go way further than it would if you tried the maximum bet.

A $10 budget for a slot offering bets of between 10 cents per spin and $10 per spin is obviously going to stretch a lot further if you play the minimum bet. The maximum wager in this case gets you just one spin. You're putting everything on that spin, and the chance of receiving any notable prizes in that spin are not going to be in your favor. However, when you play on the smallest available wager, you're getting more playable time with the game.

You can also enjoy the game for longer. We always believe that enjoyment is a major consideration when choosing an online slot game. It makes sense that you would want to have an enjoyable time for as long as you can. Steering clear of the max bet helps you do that.

Know your prizes before you play

There are three main ways to show a paytable. This displays all the available prizes for a slot game. Some slots display a prize with a multiplier. This means you would net a prize worth that many times your bet. So, if you see a prize listed as 3x, you know your prize for that combination would be three times your bet on that winning line.

Another way you might see prizes listed on a paytable is by coins. Let's say a prize is worth 100 coins. You would then multiply the value of the coin you play by 100 to get the amount you would receive. It works much the same as the multiplier, but you may see it shown in different ways.

Finally, you may see an actual value on the paytable. It is easy to tell whether a game takes this tack. Choose the cheapest coin value and check the paytable. You may see a prize given as 0.50 in this case. Now, return to the game and raise the value of the coin to the maximum. You may then see a much bigger potential prize - 1,000, for example. The game won't display a currency as it could be playable across the world. If you see the prize change though, you can tell the creator has gone for this way of displaying the prize.

So, now you know why playing slots without max betting could be the best choice you can take. Try it and see what you think.