RTG Bitcoin Bonuses

Crypto current Bitcoin is the talk of the town, which is probably why so many online gaming casinos have adopted its use as far back as a decade ago. In fact, Bitcoin is so highly regarded that there are special RTGCasinos.net Casino bonuses which are specifically tailored to maximize Bitcoin usage. In this short article, we will break down how to set up your account and wallet so that when you sign up here at RTGCasinos.net, you can be well-prepared to start making deposits (as well as receiving withdrawals if you win) immediately.

Getting the Bitcoin Bonus: Initiate a Crypto Wallet

Before you navigate to the casino on your mobile device or other computer, go through the simple process of establishing a crypto currency wallet – specifically, Bitcoin. RTGCasinos.net Casino is also set up to accept a couple of the more popular types of digital currency, including Ethereum and Litecoin. There are many Android and Apple iOS apps that allow you to create a Bitcoin wallet on the mobile device of your choosing; just go to the respective Play Store and download said wallet or app. It's also possible to find a Windows-enabled digital crypto wallet so that you can keep track of your money from the comfort of your home workstation or your office computer.

Some people choose to go the tangible route and get a wallet of the hardware variety. It's a nice physical reminder of the reality of your digital currency; just keep in mind that if it is stolen, there's no way to get a recompense for it unless you keep your private keys stored separately. In this manner, if for whatever reason you don't trust the cloud servers on which your digital details would otherwise be stored, you have the tangible security of a drive you can touch. Of course, you need to connect this to your computer or mobile device using a USB-c connection for optimal data transfer when you're ready to play at RTGCasinos.net Casino or anywhere else that accepts crypto currency.

Digital Keys are Essential - Understand the Difference Between the Two Types

The address you receive will be generated randomly, and Jewel thereafter received two keys with different functions. The first key is known as your Private Key, and should only be possessed by you or someone you trust with your finances – and we mean REALLY trust with your finances! This key is a multi-digit passcode that should never be given to someone who is sending you money or receiving money from you. This is the key, after all, that you will use to access your Bitcoin wallet.

The second key is your Public Key; this is the one that you get other people for the purposes of enabling them to send you crypto currency. This is also the one that you will use at the casino when you want to make a withdrawal to your wallet – the casino will need this one in order to send you the money. Afterwards, you then use your Private Key to take the money out and do with as you please. A particular RTGCasinos.net Bitcoin Bonus below – along with the other ones you find what you head over to the casino:

  • The slot T-Rex is a very popular one, and the Bitcoin bonus code for this is EMLTREX. The Bonus Percent is a solid 80%, in addition to $10 worth of Free Spins.
  • The video slot Cash Bandits Museum Heist is another one that can deliver up to 60 Free Spins using the Bitcoin Bonus code CASH-HEIST.
  • Another one is the video slot T-Rex Wild Attack, which guarantees 300% along with 75 Free Spins, with a guaranteed payout maxing out at $1500 using the Bitcoin Bonus code TREX300.