Frog Fortunes Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Animals, Frogs, Nature

What better way to try out your luck then playing a pokey with the predicted name of Frog Fortunes Slots? The breathtaking visuals are just the beginning of this journey into lush and verdant landscapes of a rain forest endemic to the Far East. It's nothing new that Oriental Slots are some of the best ones around, as the gaming public seems particularly enticed with Chinese-themed video Slots. A golden frog sits at peace in the middle of a clear blue pond to beckon you inside where great prizes await the lucky player.

Sporting 5 reels and 20 pay lines, Fraud Fortunes Slots is all about cascading icons set liberally on a 5 x 3 grid arrangement. The golden frog is not beneath unleashing exploding bombs to introduce a winning combination in this tropical paradise. The reels are shaped like a beehives honeycomb to produce a unique and gorgeous presentation to the gaming public. Real Time Gaming has really outdone itself with the excellent graphical display and the top-notch soundscape.

Betting Options for Downloaders

Given that there are 20 pay lines, it is profitable to keep every single one of them active in your endeavors to win big. Keep in mind that there is no obligation whatsoever to play for real money; the Flash version is always available with Real Time Gaming games in your Safari browser, Chrome browser or your Mozilla Firefox browser on your smart phone Chrome book or tablet - basically, any Android or Apple iOS supporting device. Windows is still relegated only to the PC as of the date of this review. You can also very the pay lines if you want and choose lower or higher coin denominations to try in reach your target. With that said, you can stake anywhere from $0.01 to $1.00 in Frog Fortunes Slots game coins - which translates to American dollars. As for an entire spin, when keeping all pay lines active, this amounts to a minimum of $0.20 and $20.00 and coins per spin. If you are lazy, or simply wish to be unbothered but still play, then you can use the games Autoplay option and set it to run for 100 spins in a row if you like. You will of course be alerted if you win big.

Although these are reels, you should not expect any spinning; instead, the golden frog will burp up's plosive frog-bombs that reveal your winning combinations through the 15 symbols that are available. These symbols include a Plum-colored Character, a Mulberry-pink colored character, a Pine-green colored Character, a Wheat-brown colored character, a Cerulean-blue colored gem, a Forest-green colored gem, a Magenta-colored gem and lastly a Ferrari whom-red colored gem.

Understanding the Reels

Understanding the reels in Frog Fortunes Slots isn't quite a straightforward as in most of Real Time Gaming's other pokies. For starters, the Game Controls has a page dedicated to it in virtual space; in order to trigger a single turn of the reels that comprise the game board, you have to click the green, gold, and blue circular button with opposite arrows inscribed inside. Adjacent to this button on the right hand side is a reflection of your Total Bet - which can run as high as $999,999.00. The wager per line is multiplied by the total number of lines that you happen to be playing in this particular game.

Right beneath the Total Bet display is another display entitled "Balance". Obviously, it represents the total amount of money that sitting your account at any particular time in which you choose to view this screen. Adjacent to this on the left-hand side is a gold, dark oak, and marigold circular button that beckons you to click in order to have the reels spin for a chosen number of spins - they will seek to fulfill this told the number of spins until one of the special bonus features is triggered. Right beneath this button is another circular button that is colored dark oak with a golden lightning ball in the center; this button is used to make the gameplay go quicker.

Frog Fortunes Gaming Icons: The Paytable

The very first high-paying icon in the game is a Mulberry-colored Hawk Mask with a border of fading orange gold. If you get five of a kind of the Mulberry Hawk Mask symbol, then the game rewards you with a solid 150 gold coins; four Mulberry Hawk Mask symbols are worth 30 gold coins, whereas three of a kind of the Mulberry Hawk Mask icons get you 10 gold coins the next icon is an Imperial-red Frog emblem which, for five of a kind appearing at the same time on this lot, delivers an 80 gold coin payment to the winner; four of a kind of the Imperial Frog emblem is worth 15 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Imperial-red Frog emblem get you 5 gold coins.

Here we get to the first of the formidable-looking characters, which is highly reminiscent of an ancient Jade Dragon Face. If you land five of a kind of the Jade Dragon Mask, then you will receive 40 gold coins on Frog Fortunes Slots. If instead you drop one and land four of a kind of the Jade Dragon Face symbol your prize becomes tangled coins, and for three of a kind of the Jade Dragon Mask symbol you win 5 gold coins. The next symbol in this role is what looks to be the facemask of a Dijon-colored Lion; five of a kind of the Dijon Lion Mask symbol is worth 40 gold coins; four of a kind of the Dijon Lion Mask symbol get you 10 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Dijon Lion Mask is worth 5 gold coins.

In this final paragraph for the low-paying symbols, we go through a total of four gems of varying hues. They are vibrant and still valuable, despite their position on the pay table. Just remember to keep all 20 pay lines active for the best results. The first such symbol is the Cornflower-blue Sapphire gem stone; five of a kind of the Cornflower Sapphire Gemstone is worth a 15 gold coin take at the conclusion of the spin; four of a kind of the Cornflower Sapphire gemstone get you a handful of gold coins, and three of a kind of the Cornflower Sapphire Gemstone symbol gets the player 2 gold coins. The next symbol is a brilliant Chartreuse Emerald gemstone; five of a kind of the Chartreuse Emerald Gemstone symbol is worth 15 gold coins, four of a kind of the Chartreuse Emerald Gemstone get you 5 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Chartreuse Emerald Gemstone symbol is worth 2 gold coins. Following this we have the Watermelon-colored Ruby gemstone symbol that fluoresce is brightly on the screen; five of a kind of the Watermelon Ruby Gemstone is worth a handful of gold coins in the game, whereas four of a kind of the Watermelon Ruby Gemstone get you 2 gold coins, and three Watermelon Ruby Gem stones are worth a single goal coin. The final gemstone looks like a Tangerine Crystal symbol; five Tangerine Crystal Gemstone symbols are worth a handful of gold coins again, and four Tangerine Crystal gemstones are worth 2 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Tangerine-colored Crystal Gemstones get you a single goal coin.